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[10:01] <eddie31415> i've been getting a busy signal on the dial-in number
[10:01] <eddie31415> anyone else having problems?
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[10:03] <cwilper> not that i know of...we've got a few people in, aaron just dialed in a minute ago
[10:04] <cwilper> meeting starting: https://fedora-commons.org/confluence/display/FCREPO/2009-07-28+-+Committer+Meeting
[10:04] <cwilper> eddie if you're still having trouble i can try adding you via skype
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[10:10] <sbayliss> having trouble dialing in to the call - is everyone else getting in ok?
[10:10] <cwilper> RIRI Report from Chris
[10:11] <cwilper> eddie was having trouble, are you getting a busy signal?
[10:11] <eddie31415> steve, i couldn't dial in either
[10:11] <cwilper> if you have skype i can add you that way...
[10:12] <sbayliss> some strange answering machine message... then busy... getting there now, just having trouble entering access code
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[10:19] <cwilper> 2. Maven updates since last week
[10:20] <cwilper> eddie "prev topaz work n/a"
[10:22] <cwilper> andrew "important to let this settle before last-minute prior to next release"
[10:23] <sbayliss> still not getting in (and no skype currently), so any specific questions let me know here
[10:23] <eddie31415> steve, i was finally able to dial in
[10:23] <eddie31415> dunno why it was acting wonky earlier
[10:23] <sbayliss> i will keep trying
[10:24] <eddie31415> (we haven't started talking about rel-int yet)
[10:27] <awoods> http://fedora-commons.org/confluence/display/FCREPO/ANT+to+Maven2+Test+Inventory
[10:29] <cwilper> action: check w/dan on test updates. chris will help get bamboo stuff going.
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[10:30] <cwilper> 3. RELS-INT merged - close?
[10:30] <sbayliss> ok by me
[10:30] <cwilper> afaik the only thing outstanding are doc updates, right?
[10:31] <sbayliss> yes, think i will produce a draft of these first for review - there's one main page on RELS-EXT at the moment, so not sure whether to integrate there or separate out
[10:32] <cwilper> how about we create a separate issue to track doc updates?
[10:32] <sbayliss> fine with me
[10:33] <cwilper> actions: create issue for rels-int doc updates, close rels-int code issue (steve)
[10:36] <cwilper> 4. Topic for next Special Topic meeting?
[10:36] <cwilper> https://fedora-commons.org/confluence/display/FCREPO/Meeting+Notes
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[10:48] <cwilper> Agenda for next week: i. Bill and Andrew: Share-a-thon on OSGi/SpringDM experience so far
[10:50] <bbranan> http://wiki.ops4j.org/display/paxconstruct/Pax+Construct
[10:50] <cwilper> ii. Eddie: What would it mean to bundle Fedora as an OSGi module? A day or two before, will do some investigation and identify first steps.
[10:54] <cwilper> iii. Chris: K2 in Sakai...where they're at, who can help us hack down weeds in the Sakai community?
[10:57] <cwilper> https://fedora-commons.org/jira/browse/FCREPO-515
[11:32] <cwilper> action: create issue for authN simplification across merged api-a / apim, have special topic meeting on it.
[11:33] <cwilper> (resolution: fcrepo-515 wontfix, pointing to new issue)
[11:33] <cwilper> https://fedora-commons.org/jira/browse/FCREPO-516
[11:40] <cwilper> http://fedora-commons.org/jira/browse/FCREPO-517
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[11:51] <cwilper> (meeting done)
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[14:21] <cbeer> cwilper: who is the best person to run some ideas past about messaging? they feel too preliminary to put into JIRA, but I want to get a sense if they are even possible
[14:27] <cwilper> hi chris, i think the best bet would be the dev list to get a fairly good chance of reaching messaging-savvy folks (bill and eddie worked on the original impl, but others may be able to advise/opine)
[14:31] <cbeer> cool; I saw mike park's email
[14:32] <cbeer> on the list earlier and, together with the workflows stuff from RIRI, I'm just thinking about potentially useful messages
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[14:41] <cwilper> it seems like having "api-a" messages would be useful in cases like mike identified. i'd support having that as an option. w.r.t. workflow, are you thinking about events beyond those encompassed by apim/a? (i forget the details on the discussion @ riri about this)
[14:43] <cbeer> cwilper: i think so; the first thing I'm looking for is add/purge relationship messages when RELS-EXT/RELS-INT are modified by modifyDatastream*
[14:44] <cbeer> because the alternative is hope versionable=True, retrieve both the old + new versions, and then do set diffs
[14:46] <cwilper> right, relationship-level notifications. seems like that could be used to support keeping an external triplestore up to date too.
[14:48] <cwilper> also, some specific relationships (like collection membership) could have important domain-specific implications for various listening applications.
[14:51] <cbeer> collection membership and content models relationships are my two use cases; external triplestores and sharded search indexes can be purges + regenerated easy enough
[14:54] <cbeer> this at least helps me believe i'm not crazy for wanting these things. i'll write up an email to the list later today
[14:55] <cwilper> these sound like very good use cases...i suspect it wouldn't be hard to get agreement that having such a capability would be good for fedora.
[14:55] <cwilper> cool, pinging the list might get other folks' gears turning on use cases and how to do it
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