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[10:55] <cwilper> starting in a few minutes; http://fedora-commons.org/confluence/display/FCREPO/2009-12-01+-+Committer+Meeting
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[11:02] <cwilper> re-connecting...
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[11:03] <bradmc> Somebody (not Chris), left and the noise went away, and they just rejoined.
[11:03] <cwilper> ok, i'm reverting to my cell phone...having audio problems
[11:03] <bradmc> Can you please try muting your microphones.
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[11:04] <Asger> Noise off now?
[11:04] <eddie1415> nope
[11:04] <bbranan> no, still plenty of noise
[11:04] <eddie1415> it stopped for a bit
[11:04] <barmintor> Now?
[11:04] <eddie1415> I don't know who dropped off and came back on
[11:04] <eddie1415> nope
[11:04] <Dan_Davis> I am muted but tons of noise.
[11:04] <eddie1415> i'm muted as well
[11:04] <bbranan> muted here as well
[11:04] <bradmc> Somebody dropped off and it stopped. (I'm muted).
[11:04] <Asger> My microphone is physically not connected now.
[11:04] <birkland> I can hear the beeps just fine.. perhaps we should have the audio portion of the meeting in morse code?
[11:05] <cwilper> i heard the noise earlier, but i'm having a separate audio issue here
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[11:05] <cwilper> +1
[11:05] <Asger> Yes, the beeps are clear
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[11:05] <bbranan> chris, are you able to mute callers through the hi-def interface?
[11:05] <Asger> Perhpas my skype autoadjusts the volume, as I can ONLY hear the beeps
[11:06] <eddie1415> asger, you don't hear any of the background noise?
[11:06] <Asger> No, just a weak sizzle
[11:06] <Asger> But no voices
[11:06] <Dan_Davis> I dropped off. Still noise.
[11:06] <Dan_Davis> ?
[11:06] <bbranan> asger, it sounds like static
[11:06] <eddie1415> ok, i'm going to drop off for a second and join in. let me know if the static stops
[11:06] <Asger> Could someone say something in there
[11:06] <birkland> very unfavorable signal to noise ration
[11:07] <eddie1415> ok, i take it i'm not responsible for the static
[11:07] <eddie1415> i heard you dan
[11:07] <Asger> I hear all of you fine
[11:07] <Asger> no static, no noise at all
[11:08] <bradmc> I've dropped, Chris has dropped, Dan has, Eddie has .. who next to test the source?
[11:08] <Dan_Davis> Asger, are you using Skype?
[11:08] <eddie1415> can we take turns dropping off and coming back on, unless someone has a better suggestion for determining who's responsible?
[11:08] <bbranan> i just dropped
[11:08] <eddie1415> hey it stopped!
[11:08] <barmintor> it stopped
[11:08] <Asger> I just dropped
[11:08] <Asger> Could it be me, then?
[11:08] <Dan_Davis> I think it was you bill
[11:08] <Asger> is it still clear?
[11:08] <eddie1415> yes
[11:09] <eddie1415> still clear. ok it's either bill or asger
[11:09] <Asger> I rejoin?
[11:09] <eddie1415> ok, asger first
[11:09] <Asger> I am back
[11:09] <eddie1415> static started again
[11:09] <bradmc> And the noise is back.
[11:09] <eddie1415> bill, are you stil off?
[11:09] <bradmc> Asger, you might have to plug something into your mic jack!
[11:09] <Asger> And I left again
[11:09] <bbranan> i'm still off
[11:09] <birkland> I'll be back.. am having a freezer delivered (they are late)
[11:10] <cwilper> yes, noise is gone again
[11:10] <Dan_Davis> Bill you can reconnect
[11:10] <bradmc> Or, if you're using skype, use the software mute.
[11:10] <Asger> software mute now
[11:10] <bradmc> No noise.
[11:10] <bradmc> Noise.
[11:10] <bradmc> No noise.
[11:10] <Asger> It is me
[11:11] <Asger> I software mute now
[11:11] <Asger> I will not be able to speak in this meeting
[11:11] <Asger> I will type instead
[11:12] <cwilper> ok, getting started
[11:13] <birkland> FYI, I'll be able to re-join in a few minutes
[11:13] <Asger> What did you actually ask me, chris?
[11:15] <barmintor> Chris points out that Fisheye/Crucible is down, and that review of outstanding branches can only happen via svn (for now)
[11:16] <Asger> 586 that is not done yet
[11:17] <Asger> Not a code issue, therefore I did not priotize it
[11:17] <Asger> I agree with what Chris said
[11:19] <Asger> What about removing the dependency, then?
[11:26] <Asger> My branches :)
[11:26] <Asger> Do we want them in 3.3?
[11:26] <Asger> They are not so simple
[11:26] <Asger> And it might be to late now
[11:26] <Asger> They add api functions
[11:27] <Asger> And thus they add XACML methods...
[11:35] <birkland> I am back on the call now
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[12:06] <cwilper> testing availability:
[12:06] <cwilper> chris: lots of availability late this week, early next. none the week after.
[12:07] <cwilper> ben: some time this week, can look at items affiliated with
[12:07] <cwilper> aaron: next two weeks, can do mptstore/linux
[12:08] <cwilper> asger: primarily able to help the last week before release.
[12:12] <cwilper> bill: a few hours this and next week, can help with windows
[12:13] <cwilper> dan: same as bill, will regression test old gui interface (manual tests)
[12:13] <cwilper> bill: wouldn't mind going through webadmin and testing that out (manually)
[12:15] <cwilper> eddie: finishing fesl integration this week, next week will have a day near the end of the week, week of 14th will have generally more availability to do testing as needed
[12:16] <cwilper> andrew: not too much availability, can fill in gaps if needed on integration tests.
[12:16] <cwilper> kai: available this week, not next week, then available the week after
[12:18] <cwilper> ACTION for all: PIck what you'd like to test (ideally not something you've written), then Kai and Chris will go through and assign remaining items.
[12:21] <cwilper> (discussion on pgp signing our releases)
[12:22] <cwilper> Action: Kai will write up how to use the plugin. In addition to putting our keys on the list of developers page on the wiki, Eddie suggests we publish to one of the common services (mit's)
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