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IRC Log for 2010-01-16

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[12:53] -LoRez- [Global Notice] Again, for those that haven't been around, don't click the links that are being spammed into channels. You will turn your browser into several IRC drones and subsequently get yourself banned from the network. ChanOps, I suggest making use of the +r or +R chanmodes ( http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml ).
[17:53] -tomaw- [Global Notice] Hi all. As you may be aware we've been having a somewhat annoying problem with spam bots hassling channels and requesting people visit various URLs. Please do not visit these URLs as doing so will turn many javascript enabled browsers into spammers and may cause you to be automatically banned from the network. /mode <yournick> +w for more information as it becomes available and as always drop by #freenode if you're require assistance.

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