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[11:00] <cwilper> http://fedora-commons.org/confluence/display/FCREPO/2010-02-02+-+Committer+Meeting
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[11:43] <cwilper> Asger report: Made Datastream disseminator proposal to list, looking at Aaron's proposal, looking at Spring, starting up work on Fedora-Planets integration
[11:48] <cwilper> Ben: compiled correspondence re:Owl ontology and system properties, put up page on dev forum, wants to get some feedback. Ran into curious situation w/Mulgara. WIth large searches, running out of swap space and dying. Another old item: Been thinking about JSR-170...(Dan points out that Northwestern is working on it)
[11:48] <cwilper> http://jcr-connect.at.northwestern.edu/en/JCR_for_Fedora_-_Discussion
[11:50] <cwilper> Eddie report: Been doing weblogic compatibility tests w/3.3...will be checking it in, starting to sort out proposal for SOW on FESL 2, Special Topic on FESL next week: code review
[11:53] <cwilper> Kai report: working on internal project. possibly doing a webinar in a couple weeks.
[11:54] <cwilper> Steve report: doing some work on a project related to fesl, have a few FESL tickets, poking around in FESL code. fixed a build issue
[11:55] <cwilper> Aaron report: quiet on Fedora front, will probably have more time this week. Looking at Asger's proposal. Looking at code and thinking about where lowlevel (blob-based) assumptions can be removed.
[11:57] <cwilper> Dan report: next week going to UNC chapel hill to meet w/DICE org (iRODS folks). Working on policy enforcement within/between repositories. DICE wants to update their plugin for iRODs storage. Also interested in increasing ability to plugin microservices to Fedora.
[11:57] <cwilper> ...and confluence is acting flaky as of last night. Will probably restart it tonight when traffic is low (10min downtime).
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[12:00] <cwilper> Chris report: mostly worked on DuraCloud-Akubra this week. Now doing Fedora integration test.
[12:01] <cwilper> Meeting's over...thanks all
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