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[11:00] <cwilper> Note: We're starting this meeting soon, anyone's free to call in: http://fedora-commons.org/confluence/display/FCREPO/2010-03-09+-+Special+Topic+-+3.4+Scoping+Kickoff
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[11:06] <sbayliss> http://www.fedora-commons.org/confluence/display/FCREPO/Feb+23-24+2010%2C+London+Committer+Meeting
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[11:10] <cwilper> ECM: Green items seem to fit for 3.4
[11:14] <cwilper> SDef/Dep Improvement: Dependency on module architecture rework
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[11:28] <cwilper> ...SDef/Dep Improvement: For 3.4, shift to use module framework idioms but no big change in functionality, positions us for bigger items for 4.0 (extra verbs, etc)
[11:29] <eddies> is our maven repo down? see fc-users
[11:32] <awoods> https://fedora-commons.org/m2/index.html
[11:32] <awoods> appears so
[11:32] <cwilper> Module framework: Spring for 3.4 seems tractable and not too disruptive, let's shoot for it.
[11:32] <cwilper> (looking into m2 issue)
[11:34] <cwilper> High level storage: Some cleanup/prep can happen for 3.4, but major move to highlevel storage (and versioning discussion) is a 4.0 thing
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[11:43] <cwilper> 503 & Retry-after: Yes for 3.4, creating JIRA issue for it...need an impl that supports it (externally-developed)
[11:50] <barmintor> http://virtuoso.openlinksw.com/main/rdf/index.htm
[11:51] <cwilper> Semweb: Green and some blue items fair game for 3.4, quad store and graph hierarchy better for 4.0
[11:53] <barmintor> CModel-based triple generation is a desired item under both SDef/Dep Improvement and Semweb
[12:03] <cwilper> FESL: Currentl stuff Steve's working on is in scope for 3.4, round2 FESL=not counting on for 3.4, funding question
[12:11] <cwilper> ideas for community involvement:
[12:11] <cwilper> Bill: Dev challenges for 3.4?
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[12:16] <cwilper> Andrew: Release candidates? Chris possibly at code freeze: don't necessitate a physical file release, could have people get it from svn at code freeze time. Steve: tagging would be good.
[12:23] <awoods> special topic candidates for next week:
[12:23] <awoods> Module Arch Development?
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[12:27] <cwilper> Aaron: Versioning
[12:27] <cwilper> Ben: 20mins or so on SDep/Def, not enough for full meeting yet
[12:29] <cwilper> Dan: Invite Northwestern folks, and Paul re:Islandora
[12:29] <cwilper> Steve: Further down the line: SemWeb area...not ready yet
[12:33] <cwilper> RE: Release timing: Agreement on getting a code freeze/release candidate out 1 or 2 weeks before OR. One option is to release just prior, another option is to use OR'10 as a chance to get the wider community involved with testing/wrap-up on 3.4. In either case, we can still use OR'10 to start getting people involved early in the cycle for 4.0 topics.
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