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[9:59] <cwilper> Starting shortly: https://fedora-commons.org/confluence/display/FCREPO/2010-03-16+-+Special+Topic+-+Spring
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[10:22] <cwilper> http://prezi.com/dv6zx-r3acvu/
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[10:23] <barmintor> birkland: we're just starting the prezi demonstration
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[10:56] <cwilper> In package: server.storage, we have:
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[10:57] <cwilper> interface: DOManager, interface: ConnectionPoolManager
[10:57] <Asger> ah, now I see your point
[10:58] <awoods> server.storage.impl with:
[10:58] <awoods> DOManagerImpl & ConnectionPoolManagerImpl
[10:58] <Asger> Thats what we do now, right?
[11:04] <barmintor> shameless plug: I'm trying to hash out some similar issues in http://fedora-commons.org/confluence/display/DEV/Re-Implementing+Service+Deployment
[11:06] <Asger> So, all implementation classes should go under .impl.
[11:07] <Asger> That is what you are saying?
[11:09] <awoods> "all" is a strong word
[11:09] <awoods> but yes, as a basic pattern
[11:09] <Asger> I'm fine with that
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[11:28] <cwilper> Issue noted by Ben: Could improve mockability of MOdules, and do spring stuff while keeping modules around, may be more tractable for 3.4
[11:35] <cwilper> Chris: would like to explore back-compatiblity of existing alternative module implementation.
[11:36] <cwilper> Q: What do we do about Journal's delegator pattern, and Messaging and ECM's (or any external user of decorator)?
[11:41] <cwilper> Asger's initial exploration: Probably little disruption with decorators, doable with Spring.
[11:45] <awoods> Chris: you are working off of Spring-3.0.x ?
[11:47] <barmintor> I think 2.5 is in the maven config now
[11:54] <bbranan> Looks like 3.0.1 is latest production release: http://www.springsource.org/download
[11:55] <cwilper> Spring3++
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[11:58] <vhollister> The DSpace wiki migration project team will be mtg momentarily on the IRC to discuss our initial testing results and to plan next steps. Anyone is welcome participate.
[12:02] <tdonohue> vhollister: hmm...it looks like only the two of us (from the DSpace Wiki migration team) are here. I imagine we can wait around to see if anyone else shows up.
[12:03] <vhollister> yes, i see that....i know Aaron was planning on coming and i thought that Brad was going to make it too.
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[20:31] <cbeer> awoods: ping?
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