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[17:01] <stuartlewis> Hi Pere. Do you want to give us an overview of how things have been progressing this week since we had the project planning session last week?
[17:02] <pvillega> Hi Stuart!
[17:02] <pvillega> I've been integrating JUnit, JMockit and other tools into DSpace
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[17:03] <pvillega> I'm having slight problems with JMockit, as I was used to Mockito and is quite different, but I should go over them tonight
[17:03] <pvillega> and then is just a mater of creating the tests
[17:03] <stuartlewis> Excellent - sounds good.
[17:03] <stuartlewis> How is the maven side of things going?
[17:04] <pvillega> fine, I located an issue when running "mvn test", I sent an email about it, but is not a problem as I'm running the tests in the IDE or via mvn package
[17:04] <pvillega> as it was requested, I've added code so tests are disabled by default
[17:04] <stuartlewis> OK - that's good.
[17:04] <stuartlewis> Do you think you'll still be on target for next week (mid week) to have some example tests?
[17:05] <pvillega> some examples for sure. There are 26 classes in the package we selected, maybe I won't have tests for all of them, but I expect to have several tests done
[17:05] <stuartlewis> We thought that org.dspace.content.* would be a good place to start. There's a good test for DCDate that's been added recently in JIRA to test concurrency issues. That would be good to include in any testing you do for DCDate.
[17:06] <stuartlewis> Sure - no need to do them all, but good exemplar test classes will be good :)
[17:06] <pvillega> do you have the JIRA ticket?
[17:06] <stuartlewis> Do we need to decide of where to put tests in the source tree, or is there a convention you want to follow?
[17:06] <stuartlewis> http://jira.dspace.org/jira/browse/DS-594
[17:07] <pvillega> As we are using Maven, I've been following the Maven convention (this reminds me I have to document this part in the wiki)
[17:07] <pvillega> which is to put them under src/test/java/<package>
[17:07] <stuartlewis> Sounds good.
[17:07] <stuartlewis> Is there any help you need from us right now?
[17:08] <pvillega> not for this. I think I might need help once we start with the functional tests, specially in the DSpace services area. But right now, I think I'm managing
[17:09] <stuartlewis> Briliant - do shout if we can ever help out :)
[17:09] <pvillega> I will ;)
[17:09] <stuartlewis> Once you've got a test or two in there, and maven runs the tests OK, can you send an email to dspace-devel and the gsoc list with brief instructions of which branch to check out, and how to run the tests?
[17:10] <pvillega> I will, no problem
[17:10] <stuartlewis> If that were 24 hours before our next planning meeting (6 days from now) that would be excellent as it will give us a good chance to review the code before the session, and to go through any questions / concenrs / suggestions about it in the meeting.
[17:11] <pvillega> what I will try is to send an email once I have a couple of tests, which should be way before, and then keep adding until the meeting. Is that ok?
[17:11] <stuartlewis> Sounds perfect.
[17:11] <pvillega> That way people can comment in the early stages
[17:11] <stuartlewis> If any of us find time, we could start contributing tests too.
[17:11] <pvillega> that would be good :)
[17:12] <stuartlewis> Any other issues, or are we done?
[17:12] <pvillega> right now, I can't think on any issues. Maybe by next WEdnesday we can review the wiki documentation I'm adding and the code, to ensure it's all fine, but that would be next week
[17:13] <stuartlewis> Sounds good.
[17:13] <stuartlewis> I'll not bothering sending any minutes today.
[17:14] <pvillega> yes, it's been a quick one :)
[17:14] <stuartlewis> Thanks for your time - looking forward to the next lot of code commits :)
[17:14] <pvillega> thanks to you :) I'll keep sending.
[17:15] <stuartlewis> No problem :)
[17:15] <pvillega> ok, so I'm going back to work! Talk soon!
[17:17] <stuartlewis> Excellent - thanks. Bye.
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