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[13:35] <matteo> just testing...
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[14:49] <Guest7313> just testing...
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[14:52] <Guest7313> #quit
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[14:59] <mboschini> hi steve...
[14:59] <sbayliss> hi matteo
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[14:59] <mboschini> i'd proably leave in a few minutes (commute bak home)
[15:03] <gwest_> Hey folks, I'm joining the call just to listen in to you technical people :) I don't have a working mic in the office so I'll be on mute!
[15:04] <sbayliss> Hi Graeme
[15:04] <gwest_> Hi Steve; Hi Marmalade!
[15:04] <mboschini> so do I, no mic.
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[15:08] <gwest_> I'm Graeme West from Glasgow Caledonian University: sorry I can't introduce myself over audio!
[15:08] <gwest_> (BigRedBall)
[15:11] <mboschini> hi, that's me. No mic...
[15:11] <mboschini> I'll do some linux system test with mysql
[15:12] <sbayliss> Fedora 3.4 status: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FCREPO/Fedora+3.4+-+Milestone+4+Status
[15:12] <mboschini> sorry, have to leave (train as well)
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[15:47] <sbayliss> https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/FCREPO-724
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[16:10] <sbayliss> https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/FCREPO-686
[16:17] <sbayliss> https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/FCREPO-552
[16:21] <gwest_> Sorry, I have to leave. Thanks all. Graeme
[16:21] <sbayliss> Thanks for joining is Graeme
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[16:50] <tecoripa> while I'm still here...
[16:50] <tecoripa> I submitted this feature request last week:
[16:50] <tecoripa> https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/FCREPO-756
[16:50] <tecoripa> basically, a way to batch purge objects
[16:51] <tecoripa> I created a modified version of org.fcrepo.client.utility.AutoPurger a year or two ago, that takes a file as an argument, instead of a PID
[16:52] <tecoripa> and then reads PIDS from that file, purging those objects one-by-one
[16:52] <sbayliss> Scott, so you're saying this could be a candidate for inclusion in the 3.4 release?
[16:52] <tecoripa> it was faster than wrapping the purge shell in a loop, by quite a bit, since it doesn't tear down/recreate an HTTP connection to Fedora with every call
[16:53] <tecoripa> so anyways, Iit could be ready for 3.4... I could have it our by this afternoon, in fact...
[16:53] <tecoripa> but I have one niggly question that I can't resolve to my satisfaction
[16:54] <tecoripa> the current AutoPurger class takes six or seven arguments, in a particular order
[16:54] <tecoripa> the second or third argument (I don't remember which)
[16:54] <tecoripa> is a pid
[16:54] <tecoripa> ideally, I'd like to optionally specify a file in place of this argument, rather than a PID
[16:54] <tecoripa> but I can't think of a clean way to do this
[16:55] <tecoripa> it would be great if AutoPurger used something like getopts...
[16:55] <tecoripa> but it would be great if I were independently wealthy, too
[16:56] <sbayliss> maybe it's worth a post to the developers list then a couple of us could take a look at the existing AutoPurge class and maybe suggest something?
[16:56] <tecoripa> ok, will do
[16:56] <tecoripa> thanks for all your help, Steve
[16:56] <sbayliss> no problem Scott, glad to help
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