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[21:45] <snail> does dspace-info.pl work for anyone in 1.6.*? the first line "#!/usr/bin/env perl" seems broken to me...
[21:50] * kshepherd has never heard of 'dspace-info.pl'... guessing it's from the pre-1.4 days
[21:51] <kshepherd> looks like it needs rewriting in java, and made more generic
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[21:53] <kshepherd> (the env isn't really a problem, just a way of ensuring it can find perl in your PATH)
[21:53] <kshepherd> or without PATH, rather
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[22:39] <snail> kshepherd: this is driving me crazy. i've just done the upgrade to 1.5.* to 1.6.* and solr works but when I access dspace I'm getting the "DSpace configuration file (Path: '${dspace.dir}/config/dspace.cfg')." error. I'm using tomcat 5.5 so it's not a TOMCAT6_SECURITY issue.
[22:40] <snail> kshepherd: in WEB-INF/web.xml I'm setting the dspace.dir to the right place
[22:40] <snail> does any of this seem familiar?
[22:41] <stuartlewis> ${dspace.dr} should be getting replaced automatically by maven or ant at some point during the build process.
[22:42] <snail> stuartlewis: indeed, but for some reason it's not making it's way into tomcat, or the permissions are wrong somewhere
[22:43] <stuartlewis> If it is reporting $dspace.dir, then the replacement hasn't happened for some reason, so shouldn't be a perms issue.
[22:48] <kshepherd> tdonohue: just going to try out some tweaks to the coins template.. doing all DC, as you said
[22:48] <kshepherd> snail: hmm..
[22:49] <tdonohue> kshepherd -- sounds good
[22:50] <kshepherd> snail: do you have your custom dspace.cfg in [dsapce-src]/dspace/config, or the stock dspace.cfg? if it's the stock dspace.cfg, are you using -Dconfig=/path/to/dspace.cfg when you run the ant update task?
[22:51] <kshepherd> although, if ant was reading stock dspace.cfg i'd expect it to have hte *wrong* dspace.dir path (eg. /dspace) rather than a missing one..
[22:52] <snail> I have edited the dspace config. the command I'm using is: "ant -Dconfig=/opt/dspace/config/dspace.cfg update" where $dspace.dir=/opt/dspace/ at runtime
[22:54] <kshepherd> and after the ant update, you're definitely ending up with a nice new 'webapps' dir in /opt/dspace?
[22:55] <kshepherd> it feels like something's going wrong with the ant tasks, anyway..
[22:58] <snail> kshepherd: no, i'm having to copy it over
[22:59] <kshepherd> ok, something's going wrong with update, then..
[23:00] <kshepherd> it should be [dspace-src]/dspace/target/dspace-snapshot-blahblah/webapps/xmlui (dir will be $dspace.dir) -> ant copies it to /dspace/opt/webapps/ and populates with real directory -> you deploy to tomcat from /opt/dspace/webapps
[23:00] <kshepherd> so you're copying the pre-ant'd webapp, essentially
[23:04] <kshepherd> i would have expected ant to exit with error if it could complete the "update_webapps" target though
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[23:33] <kshepherd> hm
[23:33] * kshepherd can't seem to auth to svn
[23:34] <kshepherd> or can i
[23:34] <kshepherd> yes

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