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IRC Log for 2011-02-14

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[1:18] <snail> is the facebook sword app working right now? I'm just getting the ajax spinning thing when I hit deposit...
[1:18] <snail> how long should the deposit of a tiny file take, stuartlewis?
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[1:29] <stuartlewis> snail: I'll taje a look.
[1:30] <stuartlewis> Has it ever worked for you?
[1:30] <snail> This is the first time I've ever clicked deposit
[1:30] <snail> the collection browsing stuff has always worked for me and still does
[1:32] <stuartlewis> Hmmm... not working for me either.
[1:32] <stuartlewis> Will take a look under the bonnet.
[1:35] <snail> I'm seeing:
[1:35] <snail> - - [14/Feb/2011:14:02:04 +1300] "GET /sword/servicedocument HTTP/1.1" 200 122359 "-" "SWORDAPP PHP library (version 0.9) http://php.swordapp.org/"
[1:35] <snail> - - [14/Feb/2011:14:14:18 +1300] "POST /sword/deposit/10063/62 HTTP/1.1" 500 1798 "-" "SWORDAPP PHP library (version 0.9) http://php.swordapp.org/"
[1:35] * alxp (~aoneill@blk-30-155-121.eastlink.ca) Quit (Quit: alxp)
[1:35] <snail> rather worrinyly I'm also seeing - - [14/Feb/2011:13:36:16 +1300] "GET /sword/deposit HTTP/1.1" 501 989 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html)"
[1:36] <stuartlewis> Hmmm - wonder where they found that link to drawl.
[1:36] <stuartlewis> crawl
[1:37] <stuartlewis> I've just tried a 2nd submission, worked fine this time.
[1:37] <stuartlewis> http://dspace.swordapp.org/jspui/handle/123456789/812
[1:37] <stuartlewis> 500 suggests something isn't happy your end (maybe due to what was sent). Anything in catalina.out?
[1:37] <stuartlewis> I can send you the package if it helps, can deposit that manually.
[1:41] <stuartlewis> 'the testers testing the test'?
[1:42] <snail> yep, that's the only
[1:42] <snail> that's the one even...
[1:43] <stuartlewis> the one and only?! :)
[1:43] <stuartlewis> Want me to email you the package, and a curl command to deposit it?
[1:44] <snail> yes please. it sohuld be nice and small. I'm stuart.yeates@vuw.ac.nz
[1:48] <stuartlewis> curl --basic --user "{username}:{password} -i --data-binary "@/location/of/file.zip" -H "Content-Disposition: filename=foobar.zip" -H "Content-Type: application/zip" -H "X-Packaging: http://purl.org/net/sword-types/METSDSpaceSIP" -vvv http://dspace.example.com/sword-dev/deposit/{collection-handle}
[1:48] <stuartlewis> Package sent by email.
[1:56] <snail> cool, thank you
[2:17] <snail> stuartlewis: looks like it could be a METS mapping issue
[2:17] <stuartlewis> How so?
[2:18] <stuartlewis> Have you tinkered with your sword-swap-ingest.xsl much?
[2:38] <snail> stuartlewis: not sure. I'm not poking around until scheduled downtime tomorrow morning, after which I'll let you know
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