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[16:49] <zubair_________> hello
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[17:29] <gsoc_ajhall> I was wondering if someone was on that could answer some very basic questions?
[17:30] <zubair_________> what is your question
[17:30] <zubair_________> I may answer
[17:30] <zubair_________> I am also student
[17:31] <tdonohue> gsoc_ajhall: what are your questions?
[17:32] <gsoc_ajhall> The idea behind DuraSpace is storage or accessibility, or both?
[17:32] <zubair_________> tdonohue: I am interested in Migrate to a modern Web service library for SOAP and support MTOM.
[17:33] <zubair_________> what api we will have to use to implement ws ,can we use jdk1.6 ws functionality
[17:33] <zubair_________> for soap ws
[17:35] <tdonohue> gsoc_ajhall: DuraSpace itself is an organization, not a software platform. We support 3 different software platforms: DSpace, Fedora, and DuraCloud.
[17:36] <tdonohue> gsoc_ajhall: DSpace is a "turnkey" institutional repository application, geared towards open access and preservation.
[17:36] <zubair_________> or someother api like cxf
[17:36] <tdonohue> gsoc_ajhall: Fedora is a software framework for building digital repositories or document management systems. Geared primarily towards preservation of digital content
[17:37] <tdonohue> gsoc_ajhall: DuraCloud is a cloud-based storage solution which also provides digital preservation tools & services
[17:37] <zubair_________> tdonohue: I can also do work on this project Modern Web-based "Administrator" UI for Fedora
[17:38] <tdonohue> more information on our three software platforms is here: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/GSOC/Google+Summer+of+Code+%28GSOC%29
[17:38] <kompewter> [ Google Summer of Code (GSOC) - Google Summer of Code - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/GSOC/Google+Summer+of+Code+%28GSOC%29
[17:40] <gsoc_ajhall> Yes, thank you. So the goal of adding software to transfer between CONTENTdm would be to have a means of extending both storage and accessibility?
[17:40] <tdonohue> zubair: You are welcome to also apply for that Fedora project if you wish. I'll admit, I'm on the DSpace development team, so I cannot answer your questions about Fedora projects. But, you can ask them on 'duraspace-gsoc' list, as we have Fedora team members there
[17:42] <zubair_________> Thanks I will mail my questions to mailing list
[17:42] <tdonohue> gsoc_ajhall -- if you have questions about a specific GSoC project, it might be best to ask it on the 'duraspace-gsoc' listserv. I'll admit, I'm a DSpace developer, and that CONTENTdm project is related to DuraCloud, so it's probably better to ask the DuraCloud team.
[17:43] <tdonohue> gsoc_ajhall -- the DuraCloud team members are all on the duraspace-gsoc listserv, and I'm sure they could answer any questions you have about that CONTENTdm project: http://groups.google.com/group/duraspace-gsoc/
[17:43] <kompewter> [ DuraSpace GSoC | Google Groups ] - http://groups.google.com/group/duraspace-gsoc/
[17:50] <gsoc_ajhall> Do you happen to know anything about the CONTENTdm software?
[17:51] <tdonohue> gsoc_ajhall: Not a whole lot, to be honest. I know it tends to be used by University Libraries to create digital collections (often image based), but beyond that, I've actually never used CONTENTdm myself.
[17:52] <gsoc_ajhall> Alright, thank you for your help. I think I understand it now
[17:52] <tdonohue> gsoc_ajhall: I believe the hope of the CONTENTdm to DuraCloud integration project is to be able to "backup" / store files from CONTENTdm in DuraCloud, and even make them accessible through DuraCloud. But, you may want to ask on the 'duraspace-gsoc' list, so that the DuraCloud team can verify this.
[17:53] <gsoc_ajhall> CONTENTdm has some data stored, the proposed project should retrieve that data and upload it onto a DuraCloud accound
[17:53] <gsoc_ajhall> Thank you, again. I will be sure to ask over there too
[17:53] <tdonohue> you are welcome, gsoc_ajhall!
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