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[19:51] <tdonohue> Hi all, DSpace Devel Mtg starts in about 10 mins: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2011-10-19
[19:51] <kompewter> [ DevMtg 2011-10-19 - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2011-10-19
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[19:58] <KevinVdV> Hi everybody
[19:59] * hpottinger waves
[20:00] <tdonohue> hi all :)
[20:00] <tdonohue> ok, it's that time again, here's today's agenda: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2011-10-19
[20:00] <kompewter> [ DevMtg 2011-10-19 - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2011-10-19
[20:01] <tdonohue> main topic (as always) is DSpace 1.8.0 release
[20:01] <tdonohue> I see our trusty 1.8 coordinator (robint) hasn't joined us yet...so, I'll just give some general updates :)
[20:02] <tdonohue> first off, as noted, DSpace 1.8.0 is delayed a week now. Hoping to release on Fri,Oct 28th.
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[20:02] <tdonohue> there were just too many last minute bug fixes we wanted to get in, which pushed back the 1.8.0 RC2 until today, and since that got delayed, robin thought it best to delay the 1.8.0 final for one week as well
[20:03] <tdonohue> So, we're still in the final stages of 1.8.0 for another week. During this time, we really need help doing some final testing of 1.8.0 RC2 and help looking over documentation
[20:04] <tdonohue> if anyone has already been looking at docs & things look good, that's also good feedback :) It's sometimes hard to tell if "no news = good news" or if "no news = no one got around to it yet" :)
[20:05] <hpottinger> getting RC2 running on my oracle-backed demo site is a priority for this week, I'm looking at docs right now
[20:05] <tdonohue> sounds good!
[20:05] <tdonohue> will others have time to do a little more testing or Documentation review in the coming week?
[20:06] <hpottinger> quick question on docs, do we want to say that Java 7 + DSpace will lead to unhappiness?
[20:06] <tdonohue> does it? (lead to unhappiness that is) :)
[20:06] <mhwood> Do we know that it reliably doesn't work, or not know that it reliably does work?
[20:06] <KevinVdV> http://lucene.apache.org/java/docs/index.html#28+July+2011+-+WARNING%3A+Index+corruption+and+crashes+in+Apache+Lucene+Core+%2F+Apache+Solr+with+Java+7
[20:06] <kompewter> [ Apache Lucene - Overview ] - http://lucene.apache.org/java/docs/index.html#28+July+2011+-+WARNING%3A+Index+corruption+and+crashes+in+Apache+Lucene+Core+%2F+Apache+Solr+with+Java+7
[20:06] * tdonohue is a bit out-of-the-loop on Java 7 + DSpace stuff
[20:06] <KevinVdV> Lucene won't work
[20:06] * robint (5229fe9f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #duraspace
[20:07] <KevinVdV> Neither will solr with java 7
[20:07] <robint> Hi all, sorry for being late
[20:07] <tdonohue> ok, then that sounds like we want to recommend *against* Java 7 (if it breaks both Lucene & Solr)
[20:08] <hpottinger> okeydoke, I'll qualify the recommendation for JDK 6 or higher
[20:08] <stuartlewis> Maybe worth adding the word 'currently', as presumably (hopefully) this will be fixed soon.
[20:08] <tdonohue> +1 stuartlewis
[20:08] <KevinVdV> I am keeping one eye on updates of solr & lucene so IF a new version is released to fix it I will upgrade em
[20:08] <mhwood> Yes, as far as we know *DSpace* is ready; it's supporting software which has issues.
[20:09] <stuartlewis> We don't want people to think this is a DSpace, but to realise this is a side effect of our use of solr / lucene, and is a jdk issue.
[20:09] <tdonohue> yea, that might be the best way to word this (and even link to the warning that KevinVdV posted above)
[20:09] <stuartlewis> mhwood: Yes - exactly.
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[20:09] <mhwood> [corporatish] DSpace does not yet support Java 7 due to issues with third-party packages.
[20:10] <tdonohue> "Warning: DSpace does not currently support Java 7, as there is a known issue with Java 7 and Lucene/Solr" blah blah..something something
[20:10] <tdonohue> either way, you get the idea :)
[20:11] <stuartlewis> This is the bug to watch: http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_i d=7073868
[20:11] <kompewter> [ Bug Database ] - http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_i
[20:11] * hpottinger will assimilate these suggestions into the collective
[20:11] <mhwood> Just to plant a seed...any experience with OpenJDK/icedtea? This may become a popular question.
[20:11] <mhwood> Not something we need to address for 1.8 -- time's too short.
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[20:12] <tdonohue> not me, yet. but, could be worth looking into OpenJDK eventually
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[20:12] <tdonohue> ok, any other topics to bring up on 1.8.0? (robint, sorry, I missed you popped in there -- hi!)
[20:13] <KevinVdV> Well I require some people to test DS-599
[20:13] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-599 ] - [#DS-599] SOLR statistics file download displays all files and not only those in the Bundle Original - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:13] <robint> (thinks) Erm, not really
[20:13] <KevinVdV> Updated the code to hopefully prevent the out of memory issues
[20:13] <robint> Ah yes, KevinVdv I'll run it on the demo server, just didn't get time today
[20:14] <KevinVdV> But I have been testing on a machine that has 12GB of ram
[20:14] <hpottinger> KevinVdV: I'm going to give 599 a whirl on my demo site, later this week
[20:14] <tdonohue> maybe we could get one of the folks who previously reported out-of-memory issues to try again? PeterDietz?
[20:14] <robint> I would guess the demo server has a lot less than that
[20:15] <KevinVdV> The thing is I find this quite important since IF it really has a bug in it, it might brake the statistics
[20:15] <KevinVdV> brake == break
[20:15] <robint> Is there a big warning saying 'take a backup' ?
[20:16] <KevinVdV> Yep (is searching for the docs url)
[20:16] <robint> Sounds good
[20:17] <stuartlewis> I think the current conversations around solr stats are pointing to the need for a special meeting (post 1.8) to discuss what we're going to do in the longer term about aggregating and purging old stats from the index, so that we don't all end up with ever-growing indexes that slow down the rest of DSpace.
[20:17] <KevinVdV> https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSDOCDEV/DSpace+Statistics#DSpaceStatistics-StatisticsdifferencesbetweenDSpace1.7.xand1.8.0
[20:17] <kompewter> [ DSpace Statistics - DSpace Unreleased Documentation - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSDOCDEV/DSpace+Statistics#DSpaceStatistics-StatisticsdifferencesbetweenDSpace1.7.xand1.8.0
[20:18] <KevinVdV> Link to the docs sorry for the interuption stuartlewis
[20:18] <tdonohue> +1 to what stuartlewis says -- ever-growing indexes are a bad thing. we definitely need to aggregate stats
[20:18] <kshepherd> +1
[20:18] <tdonohue> but, that is post-1.8 obviously
[20:18] <hpottinger> FYI, demo looks to have 1GB RAM, and +1 to aggregate stats
[20:18] <KevinVdV> +1 but we really need to think this through
[20:19] <tdonohue> Ok, back to 1.8.0 stuff. Anyone out there have time to dig around into either DS-900 or DS-901 (both are just requests for some more documentation).
[20:19] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-900 ] - [#DS-900] Create documentation for Updating a DSpace installation from source - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:19] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-901 ] - [#DS-901] Add documentation about overlays - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:20] <tdonohue> (just asking, cause I'm a bit swamped under myself -- I was hopeful to try and grab one of these, but it's looking less likely)
[20:20] <robint> Also, it would be great if people could just try out the upgrade process locally
[20:20] <tdonohue> +1
[20:21] <robint> I have a tendency to always fresh-install
[20:21] <stuartlewis> robint: I'm currently trying out swordv2 following your pom changes to make sure it all looks good (I'm sure it will!)
[20:21] <robint> Thanks. I don't quite understand what that dependency is for
[20:21] <robint> I think it may be just for IDE purposes
[20:21] <tdonohue> FYI - I just tried a 1.7 to 1.8.0RC2 upgrade today -- it worked, which is good, but I might switch around a few of the upgrade steps in our Docs
[20:22] <robint> So that your IDE can index the source code
[20:22] <mhwood> Comment it out and see if anything breaks?
[20:22] <robint> Good idea mhwood
[20:23] <robint> By the way, I like the overwrite=true. Makes upgrades easier.
[20:24] <tdonohue> it is nice -- though I noticed it doesn't actually *update* the dspace.cfg . It only overwrites everything else
[20:24] * stuartlewis personally doesn't like it, and I'm sure it will cause a lot of confusion initially. I'll come around in time though! :)
[20:25] <tdonohue> This is something I noticed during my trial upgrade this morning -- and I'm not sure if we would consider this a bug or not?
[20:25] * hpottinger scratches his head, hmm...
[20:25] <robint> tdonohue: yes it is a bit inconsistent
[20:26] <robint> I'll investigate and email the lists for opinion
[20:26] <robint> I have a request
[20:27] <robint> I brokee the OAI Harvester in RC1, but hopefully fixed it in RC2
[20:27] <robint> If anyone is familiar with this I would be grateful if they could test
[20:28] <tdonohue> OAI-PMH harvester? ORE? or both?
[20:29] <tdonohue> a quick test could be to just harvest some content from demo.dspace.org to one's local machine
[20:29] <hpottinger> KevinVdV: you guys use the harvester to populate some of the lab repositories, yes?
[20:29] <robint> Yeah I'm just a bit unfamiliar with harvesting.
[20:30] <KevinVdV> T.b.h. I don't have a clue ....... but if I find some tomorrow I will test the harvester with my local DSpace 1.8.0-RC2 setup
[20:30] <tdonohue> I know some about it...what part was broken though? or was it all broken? (Just trying to determine what to watch out for, if it's not obvious)
[20:30] <KevinVdV> But can't promise anything
[20:30] <robint> I broke it because I missed some ConfigurationManager changes when movinbg the OAI config
[20:30] <robint> There were 2 Jira issues raised. Actually, ignore this woffle and I'll refer back to the Jira issues
[20:31] <tdonohue> ok, so it was "all broken" then :) I can try and do a test harvest from demo.dspace.org to my local desktop
[20:31] <robint> Any tseting would be welcome. I think its fixed but not knowing it too well I may have missed something in testing. Cheers
[20:32] <jose_blanco> I can also do a harvest. would it be from http://demo.dspace.org/oai?verb=Identify
[20:33] <robint> Hi jose_blanco. Its actually the Harvester that was broken so it needs to be an RC2 installation that does the harvesting.
[20:33] <tdonohue> jose_blanco: yes, that's the OAI interface you can harvest from. Just a matter of pointing the DSpace UI Harvester at it.
[20:34] <tdonohue> oh wait -- robint & I are both "right" in a way ;)
[20:34] <tdonohue> you *can* harvest *from* the demo.dspace.org site. But, you'd want to harvest *with* a 1.8.0RC2 version of DSpace
[20:35] <tdonohue> (I hope that makes more sense)
[20:35] <robint> Yep thats it
[20:35] <mhwood> The harvest client was broken, not the harvestable service.
[20:36] <robint> The problem was I changed everything in dspace-oai, but didn't realise the oai config was used elsewhere, in the Harvester
[20:36] <robint> Anyway, thanks for all the offers but its hopefully just for reassurance
[20:36] <mhwood> Maybe those config.s should be split? Or are they too entangled?
[20:37] <robint> mhwood: I think they probably could/should be split in the future
[20:37] <mhwood> Future, agreed.
[20:37] <tdonohue> +1
[20:37] <tdonohue> Ok, so going back to 1.8.0 stuff. Robint, is there anything else we are "waiting on"? Is it all just Testing & Documentation reviews at this point? Any other 1.8.0 last minute support needed from some/all of us?
[20:38] <robint> I think its just lots of testing and documentation
[20:39] <tdonohue> ok. robint, I recall you said you may be on holiday for some/all of next week? did you need someone else to take over the task of "pressing the release button" (assuming things all go as planned)
[20:40] <robint> tdonohue: I think its likely, but I'll let you know. Thanks.
[20:40] <tdonohue> ok, sounds good
[20:40] <robint> I am around until next Tuesday so we should have a good idea by then.
[20:42] <tdonohue> yes, agreed.
[20:43] <tdonohue> ok, anything else anyone has on 1.8.0?
[20:44] <tdonohue> hearing a lot of silence (besides the really loud wind out my window) :)
[20:44] <robint> No news is good news in this case
[20:45] <tdonohue> yes, definitely...ok, a parting thought or two here...
[20:46] <tdonohue> remember, we will be looking for a volunteer (or two!) for release coordinator of the version after 1.8.0 (the exact version number is TBD -- so, I'm not calling it anything yet). So, think about if you'd be interested in chipping in on release coordination
[20:47] <tdonohue> Again, this next major release of DSpace will likely be in Oct 2012.
[20:49] <tdonohue> I also will mention, that it'd be great if we could find a few volunteers -- as I'd like to try and take a small step back from "backup support" on all DSpace release. There's no "secret reason" behind this, just that I want more time to help with development or other initiatives (not that I don't enjoy helping with all releases)
[20:50] <tdonohue> so, just wanted to put that all out there :) Again, just hoping we can start to find ways that DSpace release processes don't rely so heavily on myself or DuraSpace (though we are always here if needed, obviously)
[20:51] * hpottinger wonders if there's a writeup of what being a RC entails...
[20:51] <tdonohue> and this is in no way saying I've been doing too much on 1.8.0 -- I think robint has been doing WONDERFULLY. Just wanted to point on that this is likely coming down the line...
[20:51] <tdonohue> there is...on the wiki somewhere...let me find it
[20:52] <tdonohue> https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/ReleaseCoordinating
[20:52] <stuartlewis> Agreed! robint++
[20:52] <kompewter> [ ReleaseCoordinating - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/ReleaseCoordinating
[20:52] <tdonohue> it's rather general though, hpottinger, but it gives an idea
[20:52] <robint> tdonohue: Actually I agree that too much falls on you, and I think we need to explore alternatives
[20:52] <stuartlewis> Add as always, tdonohue++
[20:52] <mhwood> This comes under the heading of "growing our team members".
[20:53] <tdonohue> +1 mhwood. :) I need to take a step back more in the future (part of this may be me "trying to do too much")... I'd rather turn things over more to others
[20:55] <mhwood> I'm trying to convince myself to step forward, if not this time then the next. The team needs people to do this, and the experience would be valuable to me.
[20:56] <KevinVdV> I am also willing to this in the future but I am just a newby at the moment, so give me a year or 2
[20:56] <tdonohue> we'd love it if you could, mhwood. But, obviously I know that all of us have other things going on (work & personal). So, it's up to each of us when the time is right
[20:57] <robint> I'd like to see us focus on the major features earlier in the cycle, as a team, to avoid the last minute rush
[20:57] <jose_blanco> my feelings are similar to KevinVdV's
[20:57] <robint> Much of what has gone into 1.8 was ready months before
[20:58] <tdonohue> +1 robint. I also feel that way too much still happens "at the last minute"
[20:58] <tdonohue> but, I realize also that it's a hard problem to fix -- everyone wants their feature to be "perfect".....could be an area where "sharing earlier" (via Git or similar tools/practices) could help
[20:59] <hpottinger> I wonder if it would be helpful to have an "apprentice" RC kind of position?
[20:59] <mhwood> Meanwhile, I need to go now. 'bye all!
[20:59] * mhwood (~mhwood@adsl-99-130-162-216.dsl.ipltin.sbcglobal.net) has left #duraspace
[21:00] <tdonohue> apprentice could be a good idea. I do hope we can move towards "release teams" (2-3 people) who can collaborate to make sure it all gets done. One of those folks could be more of an "apprentice" role
[21:01] <hpottinger> I'd be more comfortable signing up for that kind of role
[21:02] <tdonohue> sounds like another "special topic" we an discuss post 1.8 :)
[21:03] <tdonohue> One last thing (non-DSpace really), I don't know if I ever really announced this here or not (if not I apologize). My wife & I are expecting our first child in late December (a girl). So, I'll be *100% offline* at some point for at least 2-3 weeks straight in December or January.
[21:04] <robint> Thats some Xmas present !
[21:04] <KevinVdV> Congrats tdonohue
[21:04] <jose_blanco> Congratulations!
[21:05] <tdonohue> yes, we are quite excited!
[21:05] <stuartlewis> Excellent news!
[21:06] <hpottinger> grats!
[21:06] <tdonohue> thanks all :) (oh, and btw, meeting is adjourned obviously..so, if you need to head out feel free)
[21:08] <robint> Ok, I'm heading off. Bye all.
[21:08] * jose_blanco (8dd32b9d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[21:08] * robint (5229fe9f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #duraspace
[21:15] <KevinVdV> Need to run bya all
[21:15] <KevinVdV> bye
[21:15] <kompewter> see ya!
[21:15] * KevinVdV (~KevinVdV@d54C156FD.access.telenet.be) Quit (Quit: KevinVdV)
[21:17] <stuartlewis> SWORDv2 in trunk isn't looking too healthy
[21:17] <tdonohue> ugh, that doesn't sound good :(
[21:18] <stuartlewis> javax.servlet.ServletException: Unable to instantiate class from 'config-impl': org.dspace.sword2.SwordConfigurationDSpace
[21:19] <stuartlewis> root cause: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.dspace.sword2.SwordConfigurationDSpace
[21:19] <stuartlewis> ls webapps/swordv2/WEB-INF/lib/
[21:19] <stuartlewis> No dspace-swordv2.jar (or equivalent) present
[21:20] <stuartlewis> Does anyone else see the same?
[21:20] <stuartlewis> (to test - visit http://localhost:8080/swordv2/servicedocument)
[21:22] <tdonohue> hmmm..sounds like it isn't building right? That org.dspace.sword2.SwordConfigurationDSpace class is under [dspace-src]/dspace-sword2/src/main/java/
[21:24] <hpottinger> I see a swordv2 jar in my trunk build on my MBP, but I don't have that running in Tomcat yet
[21:25] <hpottinger> dspace-swordv2-1.8.0-rc2-SNAPSHOT-classes.jar
[21:27] <stuartlewis> What about with rc3?
[21:30] <tdonohue> i'm rebuilding absolute latest trunk (rc3-SNAPSHOT) right now
[21:32] <tdonohue> In rc3-SNAPSHOT, I don't see that dspace-swordv2-*-classes.jar file....hmmm
[21:33] * hpottinger waits for the IDE to finish booting
[21:35] <tdonohue> Odd... so, in rc3-SNAPSHOT, the dspace-swordv2-*-classes.jar file is built into [src]/dspace-swordv2/target/ just fine. But, it is never copied to [src]/dspace/target/dspace-*-build/webapps/swordv2/
[21:37] <tdonohue> something definitely seems broken in the building of the final "swordv2" webapp. Seems like it could be a Maven assembly issue of some sort
[21:39] <stuartlewis> My maven foo is very weak - I'm out of my depth now :(
[21:39] * tdonohue wonders out-loud if revision 6819 could be behind this issue. https://fisheye3.atlassian.com/changelog/dspace?cs=6819
[21:40] <hpottinger> hmm... I'm also not seeing any swordv2 jar in rc3-SNAPSHOT
[21:40] <stuartlewis> Pardon my ignorance - but what is the dspace-assembly-plugin ?
[21:40] <tdonohue> we may need to contact the "mdiggory hotline" for this one. I suspect that robint may have accidentally "broken" things by changing the <version> of the 'dspace-assembly-plugin' that mdiggory tends to support
[21:41] <stuartlewis> I'll try putting it back in my copy, see if it helps
[21:42] <tdonohue> the dspace-assembly-plugin is an "asynchronously" release plugin which basically supports how DSpace gets assembled by Maven. It is essentially just Maven configs which tell Maven how to assemble DSpace.
[21:42] <tdonohue> http://scm.dspace.org/svn/repo/tools/maven/dspace-assembly-plugin/trunk/
[21:42] <kompewter> [ repo - Revision 6822: /tools/maven/dspace-assembly-plugin/trunk ] - http://scm.dspace.org/svn/repo/tools/maven/dspace-assembly-plugin/trunk/
[21:42] * stuartlewis does the clean package dance
[21:42] * eddies (~eddies@unaffiliated/eddies) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[21:42] <tdonohue> does that mean 'clean package' worked?
[21:43] <stuartlewis> No - it's the slow dance I do while waiting for maven to do its stuff.
[21:43] <hpottinger> :-)
[21:43] <tdonohue> oh, a slow dance :) I thought you were implying it was a "happy dance"
[21:43] <tdonohue> yea, the "clean package" slow dance can take upwards of 8 minutes these days
[21:44] <stuartlewis> About 4 I think on my laptop, or two for just a package.
[21:44] <hpottinger> [INFO] Total time: 2 minutes 17 seconds
[21:44] <stuartlewis> We hold competitions in the office to see who can complete what, during the time it takes for maven to complete :D
[21:45] <tdonohue> ugh, it's taking 8 for me -- though I'm building from [dspace-src]. I should be building from [dspace-src]/dspace/ to make it faster
[21:45] <hpottinger> we'll be in serious trouble if it hits the Pomodoro number (25 minutes)
[21:47] <hpottinger> I keep a yo yo near the computer, for maven assembly waiting
[21:47] <stuartlewis> That doesn't seem to have helped :(
[21:47] <hpottinger> need the practice
[21:48] * hpottinger needs to pick up kids, drive them around town
[21:48] <hpottinger> bye!
[21:48] <kompewter> bye!
[21:48] <tdonohue> I honestly suspect it may have something to do with the version of the 'dspace-assembly-plugin'. I'm not sure what the difference is between version "1.2-SNAPSHOT" and "1.2"
[21:48] * hpottinger (80ce6c16@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[21:49] <stuartlewis> Looking at the commit logs (via dspace-changelog) the main difference seems to be an update to the scm location in the pom
[21:50] <tdonohue> hmm...not sure if that'd really affect what we are seeing though (seems unlikely). I think we are likely seeing an assembly issue (cause the JAR is compiled properly, but it just isn't assembled/copied into the final 'swordv2' directory)
[21:51] <tdonohue> unfortunately though, I need to head out of here too (pick up wife from work). Perhaps send an email off to mdiggory & robint? I think it's https://fisheye3.atlassian.com/changelog/dspace?cs=6819 but, I could be wrong
[21:51] <kompewter> [ FishEye: changeset 6819 ] - https://fisheye3.atlassian.com/changelog/dspace?cs=6819
[21:52] <stuartlewis> I'll email them now - thanks.
[21:53] <tdonohue> thanks stuartlewis. glad you found it now :)
[21:53] <stuartlewis> Nope - not found anything :(
[21:55] * tdonohue (~tdonohue@c-98-228-58-145.hsd1.il.comcast.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

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