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[20:20] <kshepherd> i'm around if anyone wants to talk patches/bugs/jira/etc ;)
[20:23] <aschweer> same here
[20:29] <kshepherd> aschweer: definitely noticing a positive difference in dspace/tomcat resource usage since applying your patch
[20:29] <aschweer> that's great to hear!
[20:29] <kshepherd> yep :)
[20:29] <aschweer> we've had a bunch of follow-on problems just because Tomcat is now running for longer...
[20:29] <aschweer> we've sorted out most of them by now though I think (fingers crossed)
[20:33] <kshepherd> heh.. what version of tomcat are you running?
[20:33] <aschweer> 6
[20:33] <kshepherd> my newest repos are running 7.0.20, seems nice
[20:33] <aschweer> not sure I'm brave enough for 7 ;)
[20:37] <aschweer> kshepherd: have you had any issues around ulimit with your repos? we've had to bump ours up now that garbage collection is less frequent
[20:38] <kshepherd> don't think so.. what did you need to increase it to?
[20:39] <aschweer> we've bumped it way up, but # open files for the tomcat user has yet to go above 2500
[20:39] <aschweer> I suspect cocoon is doing something fishy, but this looks like the cocoon folks think it's expected behaviour (if I read it right): https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/COCOON-1261
[20:40] <kshepherd> interesting
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[20:41] <aschweer> I can tell that the xmlui-api jar is kept open lots of times, plus one of my own jars with extra xmlui aspects too
[20:41] <aschweer> almost as if it isn't letting go of the sitemaps, or something like that. It drops right down as soon as there is a full garbage collection
[20:42] <kshepherd> tried disabling caching on all pipelines, just to see what that's like?
[20:42] <aschweer> haven't but I guess I should
[20:43] <aschweer> have you disabled caching on the pipelines in your repos?
[20:45] <kshepherd> not in researchspace
[20:45] <kshepherd> i did for AMPM
[20:46] <kshepherd> i don't think there's a *huge* performance drop, but item pages probably are a big slower
[20:46] <kshepherd> s/big/bit/
[20:50] <aschweer> interesting
[20:51] <kshepherd> it's a good way of avoiding caching silliness, since i add dynamic stuff to the ItemViewer aspect for AMPM
[20:52] <aschweer> in theory the validity should sort that out for you I suppose, but of course who knows how well that works in practice
[20:52] <kshepherd> ;)
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