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[15:06] <cwilper> Starting now: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FCREPO/2011-12-06+-+Fedora+Committer+Meeting
[15:06] <kompewter> [ 2011-12-06 - Fedora Committer Meeting - Fedora Repository Development - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FCREPO/2011-12-06+-+Fedora+Committer+Meeting
[15:08] <elschlomo> Actions from last week: 1.) testtemplate status: since dan is not here, later inquiry is needed.
[15:09] <elschlomo> Hot issues for this week: none.
[15:09] <elschlomo> 15 minutes recently sumbitted issues.
[15:11] <elschlomo> FCREPO-1037. A new format parameter should be supported to support a different result format.
[15:13] <elschlomo> This should be part of FCREPO-702 which is necessary for 3.6
[15:13] <elschlomo> as suggested by steve
[15:13] <elschlomo> to support more wider queries in 3.6
[15:14] <elschlomo> might be related to major FCREPO-998
[15:15] <elschlomo> FCREPO-1036: Steve: a policy was missing, just adding this policy fixes the problem
[15:18] <elschlomo> Chris: why does this policy fix the problem? People are confused, since FESL auth should not occur in the first place
[15:18] <elschlomo> with parameter apia.auth.required=false
[15:19] <elschlomo> major priority is ok because it breaks FeSL auth functionality
[15:20] <elschlomo> FCREPO-1033: Chris: interesting perspective from the user side in the bug description
[15:22] <elschlomo> Chris makes an argument for partial rebuilding while fedora is online
[15:22] <elschlomo> with parallellism being a nice-to-have feature for such a funtionality
[15:24] <elschlomo> the issue got linked with FCREPO-729, not really a duplicate since FCREPO-1033 also mentions rebuilding wile fedora is online.
[15:26] <elschlomo> CORRECTION: FCREPO-1033 and FCREPO-729 is a duplicate now, but both remain open
[15:27] <elschlomo> Main Topic: "fedora create space should be cleaned up"
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[15:28] <elschlomo> Chris suggested a process to clean up the wiki, consisting of creating a list of pros and cons of the page in respect to the community.
[15:29] <elschlomo> 1.) A place to list fedora related projects from the community.
[15:34] <elschlomo> 2.) Categroization makes sense
[15:34] <elschlomo> Cons:
[15:34] <elschlomo> 1.) Fedora create should be promoted more
[15:35] <elschlomo> 2.) Purpose and value of listing the software should be promoted
[15:36] <elschlomo> 3.) a nicer workflow for adding software
[15:38] <elschlomo> 4.) Categorization is a weak spot
[15:39] <cwilper> https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FEDORACREATE/Create+Forum
[15:39] <kompewter> [ Create Forum - Fedora Create - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FEDORACREATE/Create+Forum
[15:40] <elschlomo> 5.) It seems outdated and not very lively
[15:42] <elschlomo> Eddie's issues with create would be solved by involoving the community more in fedora create
[15:45] <elschlomo> Fedorapedia should eventaully moce to the new knowledge bases
[15:47] <elschlomo> It should be cleaned up and reorganized before promoting it.
[15:51] <elschlomo> Promotion by social networking is an option to involve the community
[15:52] <elschlomo> A Twitter feed of updates of fedora related software would add value to the community
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[15:54] <elschlomo> feacebook likes and google +1s could promote community's software on the create site with some confluence plugin
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[15:56] <elschlomo> The page should not seem outdated, will have to be checked
[15:58] <elschlomo> Categorization should be more clear: Therefore the fedorapedia, content models and other very broad categories can be thrown out like (fedora-kepler, taverna apache camel)
[16:00] <elschlomo> 5 mins break for frank's girly bladder and then we continue for half an hour discussing the create site
[16:06] <elschlomo> steve, ed ,chris and frank are still here
[16:08] <elschlomo> we will walk through the listing and clean up the stuff that shouldn't be there or is gravely outdated
[16:13] <elschlomo> On the frontpage the examples section needs to be kept up to date. Keeping the lists shorter and constraining the examples to a maximum of 3 will help there
[16:23] <elschlomo> The software list should be sorted by newest update date, software using fedora 2 should go to the end to the list
[16:31] <elschlomo> The process for fedora create so far:
[16:32] <elschlomo> 1) sort the list by project activity and their used fedora version. (fedora 3 at the top since fedora 2 is no longer supported)
[16:42] <elschlomo> another way is to sort by lates release date
[16:45] <elschlomo> or just add the date to the software list in an ISO format for collecting the data, and in a next step sort the table by this information
[16:49] <elschlomo> Action Items for fedora create: check the latest release dates, and update the fedora create site
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[17:01] <elschlomo> meeting wrapped up..
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