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[19:50] <tdonohue> Hi all, reminder that we have our weekly DSpace Devel Mtg here in about 10 mins. Agenda: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2012-02-08
[19:51] <kompewter> [ DevMtg 2012-02-08 - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2012-02-08
[20:00] <PeterDietz> hi kshepherd
[20:00] <tdonohue> Hi all, welcome. Today's agenda up at: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2012-02-08
[20:00] <kompewter> [ DevMtg 2012-02-08 - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2012-02-08
[20:01] <tdonohue> we'll kick things off as usual with some JIRA review time. https://jira.duraspace.org/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&jqlQuery=project+%3D+DS+AND+resolution+%3D+Unresolved+AND+Key%3E%3DDS-943+ORDER+BY+key+ASC
[20:01] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-943 ] - [#DS-943] Login cache problem, login does not stick. - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:01] <kompewter> [ Issue Navigator - DuraSpace JIRA ] - https://jira.duraspace.org/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&jqlQuery=project+%3D+DS+AND+resolution+%3D+Unresolved+AND+Key%3E%3DDS-943+ORDER+BY+key+ASC
[20:01] <tdonohue> starting with DS-943
[20:01] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-943 ] - [#DS-943] Login cache problem, login does not stick. - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:02] <tdonohue> oh wait...looks the the reporter said this one can be closed now
[20:02] <tdonohue> (see last comment)
[20:03] <tdonohue> so, I guess we might as well move on to DS-944
[20:03] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-944 ] - [#DS-944] Authority Control Bug - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:03] <mhwood> He "fixed" it by dropping back to Tomcat 6.
[20:03] <PeterDietz> We rock tomcat5 on production, tomcat6 on development.. no issues on either
[20:04] <tdonohue> hmm..ok, anyone try DSpace + Tomcat 7?
[20:04] <PeterDietz> I think Kevin was looking at java7
[20:04] <KevinVdV> Yep
[20:04] <KevinVdV> Once I find the time I will take a closer look @ java 7
[20:05] <tdonohue> wait, is DS-943 the same as DS-959 then? The latter of which was fixed in 1.8.0
[20:05] <PeterDietz> ...and possibly when java7 is available on osx
[20:05] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-943 ] - [#DS-943] Login cache problem, login does not stick. - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:05] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-959 ] - [#DS-959] XMLUI login failure when using Tomcat 7.0.16 - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:06] <tdonohue> I suspect that Ds-943 can be closed, as it sounds similar to Ds-959. Any objections?
[20:07] <tdonohue> hearing none, we should close Ds-943 and link it to Ds-959
[20:07] <tdonohue> moving on to DS-944 now
[20:07] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-944 ] - [#DS-944] Authority Control Bug - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:09] <tdonohue> hmm..looks like all the screenshot/proof links are broken on this issue.
[20:09] <tdonohue> anyone familiar enough with the Authority Control work to investigate this?
[20:10] <tdonohue> (or interested in learning more about the Authority Control feature)
[20:11] <kshepherd> hi all, i'm here today
[20:11] * [1]KevinVdV (~KevinVdV@d54C14B50.access.telenet.be) has joined #duraspace
[20:11] <tdonohue> no volunteers for Ds-944?
[20:12] <kshepherd> re DS-943 -- tomcat 7 != java 7
[20:12] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-943 ] - [#DS-943] Login cache problem, login does not stick. - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:12] <kshepherd> and i have no issues on tomcat 7
[20:12] <kshepherd> so i'll try to reproduce
[20:13] <tdonohue> yep, kshepherd, I think Ds-943 is actually related to Ds-959 (latter was fixed in 1.8)
[20:13] <kshepherd> ok
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[20:14] <kshepherd> i've recently demo'd authority control to some students using chrome.. don't often use IE or Firefox but i'll at least try to reproduce
[20:14] <tdonohue> ok, so we have no volunteers to investigate DS-944 then. I'll just add a comment to issue to see if reporter can attach the screenshots directly to that issue (as links are broken)
[20:14] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-944 ] - [#DS-944] Authority Control Bug - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:14] <kshepherd> seems odd
[20:14] <tdonohue> kshepherd -- yea, if you can try to reproduce that'd be great. Just report back to Ds-944 (or claim it if you figure out a fix or find it works perfectly)
[20:15] <kshepherd> np
[20:15] <tdonohue> one last one for today: DS-945
[20:15] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-945 ] - [#DS-945] Browse by author&#39;s &quot;enter first few letters&quot; sometimes broken - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:17] <kshepherd> mm, i tend to agree with Ben here
[20:17] <kshepherd> that doesn't make much sense
[20:17] <kshepherd> if you type letters in, it'll jump to a title starting with those letters, and keep scope to current author
[20:17] <kshepherd> if you *click* a letter, it'll give you a list of authors to choose from starting with that letter
[20:17] <kshepherd> two completely different behaviours
[20:18] <tdonohue> oh, I see. I didn't quite understand at first
[20:18] <tdonohue> so, what's the expected behaviour? I'd assume both should browse to a *title* within this author list?
[20:18] <tdonohue> or do others disagree?
[20:19] <kshepherd> i think the jspui is more of a pure 'browse authors' behaviour
[20:19] <kshepherd> let me double check
[20:19] <mhwood> The context is "browse by author", so I would expect typein or click-a-letter to further filter by title.
[20:19] * hpottinger_ (~hpottinge@ has joined #duraspace
[20:20] <tdonohue> mhwood +1 - I agree
[20:20] <kshepherd> well, we'll need to change jspui then, too
[20:20] <kshepherd> check how Browse By Title/Subject/AUthor works in JSPUI
[20:20] <kshepherd> the top-level browse is always for subjects, authors, etc.
[20:21] * aschweer (~schweer@schweer.its.waikato.ac.nz) has joined #duraspace
[20:21] <kshepherd> 2nd level is scoped *to* that subject or author..
[20:21] <kshepherd> hmm.. maybe i'm confused ;)
[20:22] <mhwood> Anyway, the text widget or the letter-links should do the same thing, whatever that is.
[20:22] <kshepherd> +1
[20:23] <tdonohue> on demo.dspace.org JSPUI both the "Jump to" links and the textbox seem to filter on *title* once you are browsing by a specific author/subject (unless I'm mistaken)
[20:23] <kshepherd> yep
[20:23] <kshepherd> and they both filter the list of authors/subjects before you select one (or if you go 'back')
[20:23] <mhwood> I would find it surprising to be bounced out of the single-author context that I'd just carefully selected. OTOH I would expect to find a link or button or whatever to take me back to the author list, and I haven't seen it yet.
[20:23] <tdonohue> on demo.dspace.org XMLUI only the *textbox* filters appropriately on *title* once you are browsing by a specific author/subject
[20:23] <tdonohue> kshepherd, correct.
[20:24] <mhwood> Oh, there it is in the box on the right: browse by...authors.
[20:24] <tdonohue> I think the only part that is broken is that the XMLUI "Jump to" links filter by *author or subject* when you are already browsing by a specific author/subject
[20:24] <kshepherd> so sounds like we all think xmlui should behave like jspui? just make sure the clickylinks keep scope in 2nd level?
[20:25] <mhwood> I agree: like JSPUI.
[20:25] <tdonohue> +1 kshepherd -- I think JSPUI is acting appropriately. XMLUI is not
[20:25] <tdonohue> any volunteer to dig into this & try to find a fix?
[20:26] * kshepherd notes it was reported by a committer... ;)
[20:26] <tdonohue> Ds-945 summary: Needs a volunteer. All in attendance agree that JSPUI acts right, and only XMLUI is broken. Tim will add this discussion as a comment to ticket
[20:27] <tdonohue> ok. we'll stop JIRA review there for today, as we have a rather packed agenda :)
[20:28] <tdonohue> next topic. Just a quick notice that https://bamboo.duraspace.org (Bamboo) may be unavailable off & on Thurs & Fri. We're working on upgrading to latest & greatest version.
[20:28] <kompewter> [ Dashboard - DuraSpace Bamboo ] - https://bamboo.duraspace.org
[20:29] <tdonohue> Next up, I personally would like to propose that we do a 1.8.2 release. I've run into several minor but annoying bugs in the AIP Backup & Restore feature in both 1.8.0 and 1.8.1. I'd hate for them to sit waiting until fall to fix
[20:29] <tdonohue> specifically, DS-1120 and DS-1108
[20:29] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-1120 ] - [#DS-1120] AIP Backup &amp; Restore : SITE AIP has a different checksum everytime when orphaned Collection/Community groups exist - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:29] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-1108 ] - [#DS-1108] AIP Backup &amp; Restore doesn&#39;t restore a Bitstream&#39;s &quot;Sequence ID&quot; - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:29] <tdonohue> there may be other issues we may want to fix in a 1.8.2 release as well (if so, feel free to suggest some, if you know of any)
[20:30] <tdonohue> in any case, this could be a very small release. Just wanting to hear others opinions on this?
[20:30] <mhwood> While you're in there: I noticed that exporting AIPs for all objects since yesterday seems to always produce packages for all containers (site, community, collection). Haven't investigated much yet.
[20:30] <KevinVdV> I fixed https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-910 a while ago
[20:30] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-910 ] - [#DS-910] Encoding of discovery facet urls - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:30] <kompewter> [ [#DS-910] Encoding of discovery facet urls - DuraSpace JIRA ] - https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-910
[20:31] <tdonohue> mhwood: that's a known issue. The problem is that there's no way to tell when a container is updated in DSpace (there's no last-updated date)
[20:31] <mhwood> 1108 at least seems worth a point release.
[20:31] <mhwood> OK, containers are small objects, I'll live with it.
[20:33] <tdonohue> mhwood: yea, it's an unfortunate reality. I've tried ways to get around re-generating container AIPs. but, DSpace is more of the issue here. So far, I just "live with it" as well
[20:33] <tdonohue> KevinVdV -- is Ds-910 fix on Trunk currently?
[20:33] <tdonohue> or is it already in 1.8.x branch too?
[20:34] <KevinVdV> Only trunk @ the moment
[20:34] <KevinVdV> Since it was unclear if there would be a DSpace 1.8.2
[20:34] <tdonohue> ok. yea, it sounds like Ds-910 could also be a candidate to backport to 1.8.x
[20:34] <PeterDietz> re:sequenceID.... Does the AIP get the bundle2bitstream.bitstream_order? Because, I think we've switched to using bitstream_order to represent order (instead of sequenceID)
[20:36] <tdonohue> PeterDietz: Just noticed that *exact* issue today. I think that's also a problem in AIPs currently, as sorting by "bitstream_order" essentially sometimes leaves the order as "random" (as most Bitstreams have a bitstream_order=-1, unless specified)
[20:36] <tdonohue> PeterDietz: But, I'm still trying to debug that issue. It's another one that may need to be in a 1.8.2 release
[20:38] <tdonohue> AIPs currently have issues with bitstream ordering, as currently default DSpace is configured to use "bitstream_order" field for ordering, but by default "bitstream_order" always is -1 (unless I'm mistaken)
[20:38] <tdonohue> (or unless I failed to upgrade my DSpace properly -- if so, let me know)
[20:40] <tdonohue> actually wait -- I now see the upgrade script is supposed to set 'bitstream_order = sequence_id" Maybe this is a mistake on my end
[20:40] <tdonohue> in any case, AIPs have a bug here as well, which needs to be fixed for 1.8.2
[20:41] <tdonohue> So, do others generally agree that a 1.8.2 is warranted? It sounds like we all do?
[20:41] <hpottinger_> +1 agree
[20:41] <mhwood> +1
[20:42] <KevinVdV> +1 (plus I might also have another issue not mentioned yet but needs more investigating)
[20:42] <tdonohue> I'd be fine with "cutting" the 1.8.2 release myself. But, I'm wondering what folks think would be a good timeline? 1.8.2 on Feb 17? Feb 24?
[20:44] <tdonohue> ok. I'll just say 1.8.2 release on Feb 24 -- deadline for bugfixes by end of day Feb 20. I can post this to dspace-commit & dspace-devel as well, so that others know they can get in bug fixes before then.
[20:45] <tdonohue> I'll also ping robint on this
[20:46] <tdonohue> Ok, next topic: "DSpace Developers Virtual Summit". Most of you likely already read some about this from my brainstorms to dspace-commit. More brainstorms on the agenda topic: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2012-02-08
[20:46] <kompewter> [ DevMtg 2012-02-08 - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2012-02-08
[20:46] <tdonohue> Generally, I just wanted to see if others felt this is a good idea, and whether you'd try to attend or not? Or if you had suggestions on *where* it be held (currently thinking about a Google+ Video Hangout, but that requires Google+)
[20:47] <mhwood> I take it that Skype wouldn't serve?
[20:47] <PeterDietz> I'm "+1" to Google+ hangout
[20:47] <kshepherd> Google+ hangouts have a max capacity, right?
[20:47] <kshepherd> isn't it 10 or so?
[20:47] <mhwood> 10
[20:48] <tdonohue> mhwood -- for some reason I thought Skype Video Chat required a pay acct?
[20:48] <tdonohue> Yes, G+ hangouts has a limit of 10. The idea is that this summit would be *every day* for a week. So, if you couldn't get in one day, you could join the next instead
[20:48] * kshepherd has more of a "radio face" anyway
[20:48] <kshepherd> (why do we need video?)
[20:49] <kshepherd> but hangouts are cool :)
[20:49] <tdonohue> we don't need video..just a thought. we could do just voice (and G+ hangouts also works for just voice)
[20:49] <PeterDietz> if you have a piece of tape over your camera, or no camera plugged in, then you show up as your icon
[20:49] <mhwood> Dunno, I'm just being stick-in-the-mud -- I finally had to install Skype, used it *once*, and I hate accumulating "kitchen gadgets" that only get used once a year....
[20:50] <hpottinger_> +1 to G+ I'm unsure we'd hit the max, I *can* do skype, but have only used it once
[20:50] <KevinVdV> Does anybody know if google+ will work on IPad ?
[20:50] <tdonohue> essentially, the idea here is to find a way to get a group of us *together* virtually and brainstorm out next steps for Dspace. Currently the only time we manage to do this is at OR most years.
[20:50] <tdonohue> not sure, KevinVdV
[20:51] <mhwood> It's a worthwhile experiment. Now I need to ask the boss for a microphone at least....
[20:52] <hpottinger_> mhwood, if you need one in a pinch, most headphones work as microphones, too
[20:53] <tdonohue> if Skype ends up being the "lowest common denominator" I'm fine with that as well. I was more wanting to poll all of you to see if you'd tried G+ and are willing to experiment with a Hangout
[20:54] <mhwood> First time I would have had a reason to use it.
[20:54] <aschweer> I have skype but I'm happy to try out a G+ Hangout
[20:54] <PeterDietz> http://blogs.adobe.com/penguin.swf/penguin-paparazzi-small.jpg
[20:55] <tdonohue> We've tried G+ hangouts internally for DuraSpace and they seem to work well. The one limitation I can think of is that sometimes the video is not as good from a Linux OS (unfortunately). But, as mentioned, you can also do just audio
[20:55] <PeterDietz> you can say hangouts on linux are bad... I would say skype call's on linux are terrible..
[20:56] <tdonohue> yea, I've heard that Skype is bad on Linux too
[20:56] <tdonohue> (or at least, very outdated)
[20:57] <tdonohue> Ok. I'm going to assume G+ Hangout is fine, unless I hear otherwise :)
[20:57] <PeterDietz> so.. hangout it is.. It would be good to get some virtual-face-to-face time.. Because at real-life meetings, I think the first thing we do is start talking about how much we should be talking more.. so video-conf is a good idea.. With kshepherd's face for radio, he'll keep the tape over the camera. ;)
[20:57] <tdonohue> +1 PeterDietz
[20:58] <tdonohue> Also, as a sidenote: I am not going to make OR12 this year (unfortunately, I have a family conflict -- my brother is getting married). So, this will be the only time I may see many of your "shining faces" this year.
[20:59] <tdonohue> and, if this idea pans out, we could have several of these "Virtual Summits" each year (e.g. every 3-6 months, as we feel they are needed)
[20:59] <tdonohue> if it doesn't pan out, then we will never speak of it again (a joke) :)
[21:00] <mhwood> Family comes first. Congratulations to your brother and his bride.
[21:00] <tdonohue> At this point, I'm leaning towards holding this Virtual Summit the week of Feb 27 - Mar 2, unless anyone is aware of major conflicts (big conferences/events) that week?
[21:01] <mhwood> OK, I'm signed up to Google+
[21:01] <PeterDietz> I'm still looking at our budget and I'm not sure it'll fit in the budget... (the big expense is all the scotch I was planning to buy/consume)
[21:01] <hpottinger_> vote on GitHub is 2/29, yes?
[21:02] <tdonohue> oh, yea. vote on GitHub is 2/29. Hmmm...
[21:02] <hpottinger_> PeterDietz: OR12, budget woes, yes.
[21:03] * hpottinger_ crossing his fingers for a July budget miracle.
[21:05] <tdonohue> I'd say we run GitHub vote virtually, on dspace-devel? I'm hesitant to do this Summit the week before (Feb 20-24) as I've now just scheduled 1.8.2 for that week :) I cannot do the Mar 5 week as I have several conflicts
[21:05] <tdonohue> Unless we just swap Summit to Feb 20-24 and do 1.8.2 on Mar 2
[21:06] <tdonohue> any thoughts/preferences here? Otherwise I'll just make a decision and send it out to dspace-commit
[21:06] <hpottinger_> may be a good way to hash out any lingering concerns re: GitHub; and it would be nice to have 1.8.2 out the door, instead of tempting ourselves with "one last fix" idea from the summit
[21:07] <PeterDietz> github vote can run on the mailing list. I don't think that cutting the release should impact the summit. You can go into busy mode while you're having maven churn for its 20 minute process
[21:07] <tdonohue> good thinking hpottinger_
[21:07] <tdonohue> So, 1.8.2 will be Feb 24. Summit will be Feb 27-Mar 2. GitHub vote will be virtual (but concerns can be brought up in Summit as needed)
[21:09] <tdonohue> Last topic (more of just an announcement): DuraSpace will be applying for Google Summer of Code 2012 again. So, please start brainstorming any GSoC Student project ideas, and start to think about whether you'd be interested in mentoring a project of your choice
[21:10] <tdonohue> I'll be updating our GSoC wiki area in the next few days: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/GSOC/ I'll make sure to send out a notice once it is ready for folks to start entering in some project ideas, etc
[21:10] <kompewter> [ Google Summer of Code (GSOC) - Google Summer of Code - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/GSOC/
[21:10] <tdonohue> Any last thoughts from anyone? (I realize we are running over here, so if you need to head out, feel free)
[21:11] <PeterDietz> I noticed richard rodgers made another commit to MDS.
[21:11] <PeterDietz> I forked it, and started going in a different direction. I haven't tried "running" his most recent changes.
[21:11] <tdonohue> (for any out of the loop, MDS = https://github.com/richardrodgers/mds )
[21:12] <KevinVdV> Need to run see you all
[21:12] * KevinVdV (~KevinVdV@d54C14B50.access.telenet.be) Quit (Quit: HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- Would you like to know more?)
[21:12] <tdonohue> PeterDietz -- so is your direction in conflict with what he started?
[21:13] <PeterDietz> no, he's got some grander visions, and he's doing good in implementing them. I took more of a "something broke", "lets revert to fix"..
[21:13] <PeterDietz> for instance he's changing command launcher to be able to be configurable from the DB.. without having to push new code
[21:14] <tdonohue> oh, i see. Yea, from chatting with richardrodgers, I think he's taking a change things "radically" approach, and fix things later as he goes.
[21:15] <tdonohue> but, maybe this all means we need to try and bring MDS ideas/visions into a more public area or something?
[21:16] <tdonohue> (admittedly, I don't know richardrodgers' larger ideas either -- just have been excited to actually see someone going in and cleaning up those areas that we sometimes haven't touched in a while)
[21:16] <PeterDietz> I think mds being small makes for an easier playground. It is interesting.. you could rachet up some bigger changes with less overhead.
[21:17] <PeterDietz> ...or in richards case, get to a working prototype of <insert-new-change>
[21:17] <hpottinger_> I wonder if Richard would consider blogging the process (or is he already?)
[21:18] <PeterDietz> but good meeting. I imagine we'll need to advertise that there will be a developer summit in about 1.5 weeks time
[21:18] <tdonohue> you could always ask? I think he's really currently just logging/detailing everything in MDS in the README on this page: https://github.com/richardrodgers/mds
[21:18] <kompewter> [ richardrodgers/mds - GitHub ] - https://github.com/richardrodgers/mds
[21:19] <tdonohue> PeterDietz : yes, I'll be advertising the developer summit. And it'll be week of Feb 27-Mar 2 (which is 2.5 weeks away)
[21:21] <tdonohue> also, I will be looking for possible larger topics or questions to "seed" the developer summit discussion with (agendas will be "open" though and we'll talk about whatever attendees want to).
[21:21] <tdonohue> So, if anyone has some topics they'd like to see, feel free to send my way (I'll also post this to dspace-commit and folks can respond there)
[21:22] <PeterDietz> sidenote: having your DSpace database connected to solid state hard drive makes for wicked fast queries. I usually would never do something like "select * from metadatavalue;" in pgadmin... because it would take several seconds.. it can finish in less than one second now.
[21:23] <mhwood> But it still takes an hour to read it....
[21:25] <PeterDietz> I'm usually pretty lazy, so I'll use graphical query builder to spit out the "select * ..." portion, and then edit that to do something like where text_value like '% - %'
[21:25] * hpottinger_ can't type "WHERE clause" without thinking "bear claws"
[21:25] <PeterDietz> so, not paying the cost of hitting the pretty green play button, even though I don't want the result, is nice
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[21:38] * tdonohue is going to head into "lurking" mode now & see what talks are streaming from code4lib
[21:43] <kshepherd> just a quick note from me: i don't have any time for dspace devel until after February at the earliest.. just letting you all know
[21:46] <tdonohue> thanks for the fyi, kshepherd.
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