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[14:09] <Dan_Davis> Jonathan: Questions on refactoring servlet filters
[14:09] <Dan_Davis> Adam: Mostly in place but needs double check especially from Aaron.
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[14:11] <Dan_Davis> Adam: Pure vanilla servlet filters, uses Spring which make it easier, should work with other standard filters.
[14:11] <Dan_Davis> Adam: Mostly a clean up removing older generation (Java 1.4 and prior code)
[14:12] <Dan_Davis> FeSL will work with stuff upstream and integrates with JAAS, enterprise SSO etc.
[14:12] <Dan_Davis> Chris: GSOC, DuraSpace will be applying.
[14:13] <Dan_Davis> Chris: OR2012, Comitter Meeting?
[14:14] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Looking for space, maybe available on Monday similar to Austin.
[14:16] <Dan_Davis> Adam: Edinburg is the Whiskey capital.
[14:16] <Dan_Davis> Chris: DSpace did a virtual summit. Few opportunities to get focus time.
[14:17] <Dan_Davis> Chris: DSpace did it one hour per day for five days straight. Could that work for us.
[14:18] <Dan_Davis> Chris: More contiguous and able to concentrate on topics long enough to complete it.
[14:19] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Pull request on GitHub "Out of Memory on FeSL"
[14:21] <Dan_Davis> Dan: Has everyone checked their GitHub keys.
[14:24] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Akubra mini-release last week.
[14:25] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Played with batch modify functions outside API.
[14:26] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Also permits looking at "High Level Storage" ideas.
[14:26] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Informs 4.0 work not including transaction and locking.
[14:27] <Dan_Davis> Chris: It is its own repo.
[14:27] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Adam: Clustering technologies.
[14:28] <Dan_Davis> Adam: Used with Apache Service Mix and particularly Apache Carafe.
[14:28] <Dan_Davis> Hazelcast+, TerraCotta
[14:29] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Shared state, make sure no one else is writing.
[14:30] <Dan_Davis> Chris: java.util compatible locking mechanism
[14:34] <Dan_Davis> Adam: What is the pattern.
[14:34] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Is it worth a special topic.
[14:35] <Dan_Davis> Adam: We have optimistic locking, have fun -- need to look carefully at transactions, locking
[14:38] <Dan_Davis> Adam: Plus we need to consider fit with Web architecture.
[14:41] <ajs6f> Correction: Apache Karaf ('K' is apparently kooler than 'C')
[14:41] <Dan_Davis> Considering: FCREPO-1075
[14:41] <Dan_Davis> Considering: FCREPO-1074
[14:43] <Dan_Davis> Log at log4j settings, ask Gert, reduce priority
[14:44] <Dan_Davis> Opened.
[14:44] <Dan_Davis> Considering: FCREPO-1071
[14:45] <Dan_Davis> Steve committed some patches. Set into open state.
[14:46] <Dan_Davis> Considering: FCREPO-1070
[14:47] <Dan_Davis> Open
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[14:48] <Dan_Davis> Considering: FCREPO-1064: Why is this not a bug if its part of the interface.
[14:50] <Dan_Davis> Is this wrapped in "resource" oriented policies vs "operation" oriented.
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[14:57] <Dan_Davis> Considering: FCREPO-1058 - Thread in the wild, Frank submitted a patch. Open.
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