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[13:07] <cwilper> (fedora committer meeting starting) First item: 3.6 Readiness
[13:08] <Dan_Davis> Eddie: Three blockers
[13:08] <eddies> https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/FCREPO-1047
[13:08] <kompewter> [ [#FCREPO-1047] Auto checksums don't work on ingest - DuraSpace JIRA ] - https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/FCREPO-1047
[13:09] <Dan_Davis> Chris: FCREPO-1047 is blocker and needs some explanation
[13:10] <Dan_Davis> Eddie: FCREP-954 Jerry Pan
[13:11] <Dan_Davis> Eddie: Chris: Its been there a while and the work is good (and been reviewed)
[13:12] <Dan_Davis> Chris: If there is a chance we need to get it in the release.
[13:12] <Dan_Davis> Eddie: FC-REPO-1073 Use latest Akuba, it should be simple even in code freeze.
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[13:16] <Dan_Davis> Adam: FCREPO-1084 Small change to URL encoding
[13:17] <Dan_Davis> Adam: Its done and can be merged but Chris needs to review. Ditto 893,
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[13:17] <Dan_Davis> Adam: Ready to go.
[13:18] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Anything else just waiting for review.
[13:19] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Feels stongly about Rebecca's 1047 and 954
[13:20] <Dan_Davis> Adam: Eddie was going to check.
[13:20] <Dan_Davis> Eddie: Has pulled it but has not had time to fully check it out.
[13:21] <eddies> git pull --rebase upstream master
[13:23] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Is it possible to cherry pick this across the branches.
[13:25] <Dan_Davis> Eddie: Will try to look into this but has limited time this week.
[13:27] <eddies> Chris will do FCREPO-1047, Adam will do FCREPO-1084, FCREPO-893, Eddie will do??? FCREPO-954
[13:27] <eddies> aim for completion by tomorrow
[13:29] <eddies> eddie will also do FCREPO-1073
[13:38] <cwilper> Chris will test Windows/Oracle
[13:40] <Dan_Davis> Dan: Adam: Sparql patch on Trippi, force rerelease of Trippi.
[13:46] <eddies> ask frank about FCREPO-1023 (trippi status & release) *and* coax him to test w/ MPTStore
[13:57] <eddies> i think i lost my connection
[13:57] <eddies> everyone else still there?
[13:58] <ajs6f> I just lost it too.
[13:58] <ajs6f> Trying to reconnect.
[13:58] <eddies> freeconferencecall seems to be having issue
[13:58] <eddies> +s
[13:58] <Dan_Davis> I am out too.
[13:58] <ajs6f> Phooey.
[13:59] <cwilper> yep...they've been spotty lately. time to look for another provider. i can't reconnect either.
[13:59] <ajs6f> Hookay. Well, was that the end of discussion on releasing 3.6?
[13:59] <cwilper> shall we finish just via irc?
[13:59] <eddies> ok. well, i don't think i have anything further to add about testing 3.6 that can't wait
[13:59] <ajs6f> Let's keep going via IRC< anyway.
[13:59] <eddies> i need to swap to this hydra call now, though
[14:00] <ajs6f> Bye, Eddie.
[14:00] <eddies> i'll try to catch up on irc after
[14:00] <ajs6f> Thanks for taking a bullet for me.
[14:00] <ajs6f> The only other agenda items were re: OR2012.
[14:01] <ajs6f> Chris-- any news re: the logistics for the face-to-face?
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[14:01] <cwilper> Ok, summary of the last bit: Code freeze Sunday night. Testing and docs 'till the 19th, shooting for the 19th for release. This should ensure we get it out by our ultimate goal date of the 26th, with time for issue-fixing built in.
[14:03] <cwilper> No more news on the face-to-face. But I was hoping to get a sense for how many of us are going to actually be there. I assume you're planning on it, Adam? I got the sense that Eddie will be there too.
[14:03] <ajs6f> Yep, I'm in.
[14:04] <ajs6f> Additionally, I've been talking with Martin Dow (who, along with Steve Bayliss)
[14:04] <ajs6f> has been very involved with Apache Stanbol/IKS. I'd like to try to set up some kind of
[14:04] <cwilper> Ahh, I see you and I are the two listed on https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FCREPO/July+9th+2012%2C+OR12+Committer+Meeting so far...
[14:04] <kompewter> [ July 9th 2012, OR12 Committer Meeting - Fedora Repository Development - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FCREPO/July+9th+2012%2C+OR12+Committer+Meeting
[14:04] <ajs6f> Fedora vs. SemWeb BOAF after the "formal" face-to-face.
[14:05] <ajs6f> Yes, well, maybe it'll just be you and myself, Chris, and then we can just decide what Fedora 4 will look like ourselves.
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[14:06] <cwilper> Sounds great. I say we go scala all the way. Either that or Eiffel. Tough choice.
[14:06] * cwilper ducks
[14:07] <ajs6f> Clojure! Clojure! Clojure!
[14:08] <cwilper> asger: good to see you. we were just wrapping up the committer call, talking about who's planning on being at the OR committer meeting. Are you able?
[14:08] <asger> Ah, missed the call. Thought it was to be a hour from now
[14:08] <asger> stupid timezones
[14:09] <asger> I plan on attending OR
[14:10] <cwilper> So far the committer meeting is planned for the 9th. All day if we need it. Or if there's interest, like Adam suggests, maybe we could split off into mini-BOF sessions later in the day (one being Fedora+SemWeb)
[14:12] <cwilper> ajs6f: btw I talked w/Jonathan after I got back...sounds like I'll be heavily involved in the APTrust stuff. Will probably be coming to C'ville again real soon.
[14:12] <ajs6f> APTrust is very likely to depend heavily on CloudSync, and that's your bag, right?
[14:12] <cwilper> indeed.
[14:13] <ajs6f> I'm really hopeful that we can get that moving fairly soon.
[14:13] <ajs6f> Meanwhile, I'm turning around to look at DPN for a bit.
[14:14] <cwilper> wait, aren't they the exact same thing??!?!
[14:14] * cwilper ducks again
[14:14] <ajs6f> Wish I knew.
[14:14] <cwilper> Just kidding. I'm aware of the differences...at least as they existed last time we were out there.
[14:15] <ajs6f> Don't blink, or they'll change on you.
[14:15] <Dan_Davis> Its very important to duplicate effort and divide resources to get things done fast
[14:15] <Dan_Davis> Or is it the other way around, I forget
[14:16] <cwilper> +1 I wear many hats. One is an old fedora.
[14:17] <ajs6f> I'm really hopeful that 4.x will be the opportunity to rearchitect so completely that no one thinks of Fedora Commons as "old".
[14:17] <cwilper> Oh, fyi, I'll be doing "Office Hours" again today so I should be available via IRC for several more hours, minus a lunchbreak.
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[14:19] <ajs6f> I'm out to enjoy a nice Hydra meeting. See y'all later.
[14:19] <cwilper> That would be nice. It sounds like the aptrust work might be a way to get some of the more significant bits of what we've been talking about for 4.0, done. In a more managed vs. ad-hoc way, which would be great.
[14:19] <cwilper> Ok, later.
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[17:38] <ajs6f> Chris-- y'in here?
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[18:46] <cwilper> am now
[18:47] <cwilper> ajs6f: i'm back
[18:51] <ajs6f> Cool. I've committed my last changes before freeze, so I'll wait until Monday to start testing, but in the meantime, if there's any small
[18:52] <ajs6f> things to be done, I can make a little time.
[18:52] <ajs6f> The other thing I wanted to talk about
[18:52] <ajs6f> was the conversation Jonathan and Hydra had this morning, but I think
[18:52] <ajs6f> it'd be better to wait and have that talk in person. Then I can use my hands to talk.
[18:59] <cwilper> Hah, ok. Well, I'm skype-able too.
[19:04] <cwilper> thanks for the rich hickey presentation link btw. Haven't listened yet but am looking forward to it.
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