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[10:47] <helix84> is anyone online who could help me with overlays?
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[15:21] <cwilper> barmintor: regarding fcrepo-1102, it sounds like it would be ok to remove the pid regexes @Paths as long as we can ensure that the mapping is working right, then. I was planning on doing a test of each method with/without %3A in place of the pid namespace delimiter (":"), so it seems if I can get that to pass, we're golden.
[15:22] <cwilper> ...right?
[15:22] <barmintor> cwilper: I think so
[15:22] <cwilper> good enough for me at this point. I'll give it a shot and see what happens, then.
[15:24] <barmintor> it's possible that the status code for a malformed pid changes from a 404 to a 500
[15:26] <barmintor> I'm actually kind of surprised that these params aren't decoded before being matched
[15:27] <barmintor> in fact, http://cxf.apache.org/docs/jax-rs-basics.html says that they are decoded
[15:27] <kompewter> [ Apache CXF -- JAX-RS Basics ] - http://cxf.apache.org/docs/jax-rs-basics.html
[15:30] <barmintor> cwilper: You might want to keep the code more or less intact, and just swap in a different value for VALID_PID_PART
[15:30] <barmintor> b/c this CXF documentation is all suggesting that the params are decoded first
[15:32] <cwilper> right. there are some cases where VALID_PID_PART isn't used, like for getObjectExport though. Yes, I found that odd...the correct behavior is for the JAX-RS impl to decode the param value, but I wonder if that step is getting skipped by CXF because it's using a regex. I hunted for bug reports and couldn't find anything.
[15:39] <barmintor> cwilper: getObjectExport is not using it because of developer error :(
[15:42] <cwilper> , ahh: the old PICNIC bug: problem in chair, not in computer . Well that's easy enough to fix. The other place it's not used is at the top of DatastreamResource. Maybe I can refer to the constant there if I make it public (actually, it should probably be in BaseRestResource instead of FedoraObjectsResource, eh?)
[15:45] <barmintor> Yeah.
[15:46] <barmintor> cwilper: It's also possible that CXF is being smart about this to our detriment
[15:46] <barmintor> since a ':' is a valid character for a path segment
[15:54] <cwilper> Ahh, maybe the regex matching is happening on the non-decoded version of the path segment. So using %3A instead of ":" means no matching method is found.
[15:56] <cwilper> I'll try to figure out if that's the case now.
[16:09] <cwilper> Sure enough, looking at the server log, I see (JAXRSUtils) No operation matching request path "/fedora/objects/test%3ASomeObject" is found, Relative Path: /test%3ASomeObject, HTTP Method: GET, ContentType: */*, Accept: */*,...
[16:14] <barmintor> cwilper: so then the follow-up question is whether that path segment is decoded in the body of the method (if it's matched)
[16:15] <cwilper> yep. i tweaked the regex to allow for %3A and %3a, and I'm testing that now.
[16:38] <cwilper> The answer is yes. So just tweaking the regex fixes it. I'm inclined to call that a fix, then. I will do a full test and check in the change, which a) consistently uses the same constant for @Path annotation values involving PIDs, b) allows for ":", "%3A", or "%3a" as the namespace delimiter of the PID as it occurs in the path segment, and 3) tests all three of those encodings as part of the configA & B tests via some test reques
[16:39] <cwilper> any other things to test/look out for you can think of?
[16:43] <barmintor> cwilper: Not off the top of my head. Thanks for hunting this down, sorry the CXF/jaxrs move has been such a pain
[16:43] <barmintor> though I think we;re in better shape for it
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[17:00] <cwilper> definitely in better shape. getting axis out of there was important. thanks ben.
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