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[13:08] <ajs6f> Are you guys getting decent sound quality? Eddie sounds to me like he's sitting in a washing machine tub and talking through a vocoder into a fan...
[13:10] <Dan_Davis> Aaron passed me a copy of the first vocoder demonstration tape. I sounds just like Eddie.
[13:13] <Dan_Davis> Jonathan: FCREPO-1106, one line fix likely will fix it. Prevents it from working.
[13:14] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Concerned about putting the fix in at this stage of the release.
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[13:15] <elschlomo> !/&"§! Skpe 4 for linux i cant find the dialpad :/
[13:15] <Dan_Davis> Ben: There may be a broader issue and we may need to reopen. Has seen the message under other circumstances.
[13:17] <Dan_Davis> Eddie: We will try to 3.6.1 out very soon after 3.6 in order to wrap up a bunch of bug fixes.
[13:17] <Dan_Davis> Eddie: Geronomo exclusion is failing, crept back in.
[13:20] <cwilper> FAILED to resolve p: null s: http://localhost:8080/fedora/schema/listDatastreams.xsd
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[13:22] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Happens when you ingest demo objects.
[13:23] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Wonders if its showing a larger problem with validation.
[13:24] <eddies> https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo/commit/00874369d0659f449900755a6a757c86c24e7325
[13:24] <kompewter> [ namespacecontext for xpath in findobjects, added schema for findObjects ... · 0087436 · fcrepo/fcrepo · GitHub ] - https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo/commit/00874369d0659f449900755a6a757c86c24e7325
[13:24] <eddies> https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo/commit/c1ff32b0b89f5557cfae8fa916833b8d5c46129c
[13:24] <kompewter> [ Merge branch 'master' of github.com:fcrepo/fcrepo · c1ff32b · fcrepo/fcrepo · GitHub ] - https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo/commit/c1ff32b0b89f5557cfae8fa916833b8d5c46129c
[13:24] <eddies> https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo/commit/9120102a0a39cd0d5abf1289f838b1e038777cc6
[13:24] <kompewter> [ FCREPO-1086: Minor correction to fedora-client version · 9120102 · fcrepo/fcrepo · GitHub ] - https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo/commit/9120102a0a39cd0d5abf1289f838b1e038777cc6
[13:25] <Dan_Davis> Eddies: Correlates with the three commits.
[13:27] <Dan_Davis> Chris: "S:" is system for resolve entity method.
[13:28] <Dan_Davis> Ben: It only knows two namespace contexts
[13:29] <Dan_Davis> Chris: It could be a reference from a higher level schema.
[13:30] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Its to avoid schema validation or inline XML datasteams.
[13:32] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Wonders if schema validation is skipping when inline XML is found. Concerned this is does not have test coverage.
[13:33] <Dan_Davis> Ben: Its only happening on findObjects.
[13:33] <Dan_Davis> Chris: We have to determine how serious this is in order to make a decision.
[13:34] <Dan_Davis> Ben: Eddie: When working with JAXB, did not include findObjects
[13:35] <Dan_Davis> Ben has sent Eddie to Cold Comfort Farm
[13:37] <eddies> line 1630 in TestRESTAPI
[13:38] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Perhaps validating our own responses should really just be a test.
[13:41] <Dan_Davis> Eddie: Calls for input to Release Notes.
[13:41] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Can we improve our inclusion of license information.
[13:42] <Dan_Davis> Eddie: It would be nice to automate this.
[13:43] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Observes that the license information is not always good even in Maven central libraries.
[13:44] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Is faster to do the release manually. Deploy function works well.
[13:45] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Eddie needs permissions to deply set up.
[13:46] <cwilper> https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FCREPO/Fedora+Release+Process#FedoraReleaseProcess-Verifyreleaseprivileges
[13:46] <kompewter> [ Fedora Release Process - Fedora Repository Development - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FCREPO/Fedora+Release+Process#FedoraReleaseProcess-Verifyreleaseprivileges
[13:46] <Dan_Davis> Ben: Jonathan's pull request should go in.
[13:46] <Dan_Davis> Ben: There may be another issue but its not that issue.
[13:47] <Dan_Davis> Chris is comfortable with Ben
[13:48] <Dan_Davis> Ben: Will merge in.
[13:48] <Dan_Davis> Ben: Egbert RELS-EXT for 3.6.1 is right about language attribute
[13:49] <Dan_Davis> Ben: There is a bunch of code if done to the full scope
[13:50] <Dan_Davis> Ben: Will work on for 3.6.1.
[13:51] <Dan_Davis> Eddie: Cautiously optimistic that we can make release next week.
[13:51] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Other that Jonathan's fix but nothing else without talking to Eddie.
[13:53] <barmintor> "Chris is comfortable with Ben"… Likewise, I guess?
[13:55] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Next week is a problem due to the US holiday.
[13:55] <Dan_Davis> Eddie is shooting for the 5th.
[13:56] <Dan_Davis> Chris: Meeting in Edinburg is all confirmed, lunch service, bring your own Scotch.
[13:57] <eddies> http://mediashelf.github.com/fedora-batch/
[13:57] <kompewter> [ Fedora-batch by mediashelf ] - http://mediashelf.github.com/fedora-batch/
[14:02] <Dan_Davis> Ben: Wildcard causes problems with CXF path matching
[14:17] <ajs6f> Chris— you still on IRC?
[14:21] <ajs6f> Never mind— I'll email you.
[14:21] <ajs6f> o&o
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[14:45] <cwilper> Regarding the odd s: p: error message when tests run, printing the stack trace made me realize that it's only something that can possibly happen during testing anyway (ValidatorEntityResolver is in a test package, duh), so I'm not concerned about dealing with it for 3.6
[15:02] <eddies> cwilper: i think *you* need to make the request via comment to sonatype to add "eddies". otherwise, how would juven know? =)
[15:03] <cwilper> good point, that's what i did for adam, will do. what's your sonatype userid again?
[15:04] <cwilper> duh
[15:05] <cwilper> requested access for "eddies"
[15:24] <cwilper> (permission granted)
[15:59] <eddies> barmintor: are you around?
[15:59] <barmintor> just barely!
[15:59] <barmintor> what's up?
[16:00] <barmintor> cwilper: was that the resolver I put together for offline testing?
[16:00] <barmintor> I feel like I'm the source of all the 3.5 bugs today :P
[16:00] <eddies> when you were saying i might be able to avoid the servlet definition for fedora-batch (and just have the servlet-mapping), what about the init-param that points to the jaxrs xml?
[16:01] <barmintor> eddies: I was indulging in the same fantasy I had when I did cxf. You're doing it the same way I settled on.
[16:01] <eddies> it's good we all have rich fantasy lives =)
[16:01] <barmintor> I checked after the call- your pattern is exactly like the current web.xml and jars configs
[16:02] <barmintor> eddies: I had tried to get things to work by having all of the jars resources in one config, but the resulting match all patterns broke things
[16:03] <barmintor> s/jars/jaxrs/
[16:03] <kompewter> barmintor meant to say: eddies: I had tried to get things to work by having all of the jaxrs resources in one config, but the resulting match all patterns broke things
[16:03] <barmintor> thanks kompewter
[16:03] <kompewter> barmintor: You're welcome.
[16:03] <barmintor> ha!
[16:03] <barmintor> silly bots
[16:04] <eddies> i have this faint recollection that you can get this stuff dynamically picked up, but it might just be another fantasy
[16:04] <eddies> kompewter, you're so cute
[16:04] <eddies> kompewter: beer me
[16:04] <eddies> hmmph
[16:05] <tdonohue> eddies: I don't think kompewter is that smart yet. It's just a simple bot that PeterDietz is hosting :)
[16:06] <eddies> my rich fantasy life is crumbling before my eyes
[16:07] <barmintor> eddies: I don't know if you ever really use the DC stream (we do), but if you do you might want to check my dynamic finders gem out
[16:07] <eddies> barmintor: linky linky?
[16:07] <barmintor> https://github.com/barmintor/active_fedora_finders
[16:07] <kompewter> [ barmintor/active_fedora_finders · GitHub ] - https://github.com/barmintor/active_fedora_finders
[16:08] <barmintor> I wired the fcrepo objects search up behind rails-style finder methods for the models
[16:08] <eddies> are you dealing w/ tokens/resume?
[16:09] <barmintor> Not yet, because (unless you do find_all_x) it returns the first result in rails
[16:09] <barmintor> It's clearly documented as a 0.3.0 feature, eddies
[16:09] <eddies> heh
[16:10] <barmintor> still, Resource.find_by_source("/path/to/external/file") is pretty nice for me
[16:10] <eddies> i only ask b/c i remember af didn't support that for the longest time
[16:10] <tdonohue> FYI on kompewter -- we (DSpace folks) mostly use the bot to spit out JIRA ticket URLs....like if I mention DS-1000, kompewter will nicely give us a link. I think it's only setup to parse for "DS-" though..but if Fedora folks wanted, I imagine it'd be simple to do the same for "FCREPO-"
[16:10] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-1000 ] - [#DS-1000] Move example/out-of-box curation tasks from org.dspace.curate to org.dspace.ctask.general - DuraSpace JIRA
[16:11] <eddies> tdonohue: that would be better than nice
[16:11] <barmintor> hmm… I thought it was doing that already. Maybe I'm thinking about #projecthydra
[16:12] <tdonohue> let's try...FCREPO-1000
[16:12] <barmintor> LAME
[16:12] <barmintor> tdonohue: Do we beg PeterDietz for that?
[16:12] <eddies> barmintor: any reason not to have finders contributed to af itself, or you prefer keeping it as a mixin?
[16:13] <PeterDietz> kompewter: no
[16:13] <kompewter> PeterDietz: yes
[16:13] <PeterDietz> That bots so un-rully
[16:13] <barmintor> eddies: I thought it would be nice to finish it before I tried to get it included
[16:13] <tdonohue> Hey, look, it's PeterDietz...just the person to ask about kompewter ;)
[16:13] <kompewter> tdonohue: How are you?
[16:13] <tdonohue> I'm great kompewter. How about you?
[16:13] <PeterDietz> I love you kompewter
[16:14] <kompewter> PeterDietz: I love you too.
[16:14] <barmintor> This reminds me of a Teddy Ruxpin commercial
[16:14] <PeterDietz> show_dspacejira.rule = '.*((DS|ds|DSRV|dsrv)(-\d+)).*'
[16:14] <tdonohue> PeterDietz -- we need a kompewter reference. Or we just host it more centrally so we can all hack on it ;)
[16:14] <PeterDietz> uri = 'https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/' + ticketID
[16:15] <PeterDietz> I was starting to put it hosted on demo.dspace, but I have to install a few python dependencies
[16:15] <barmintor> eddies: It's also pegged to some Rails internals that might change more violently than AF needs to, in general
[16:15] <PeterDietz> code live at, https://github.com/peterdietz/jenni/blob/master/modules/dspacejira.py, I suppose we can send pull requests.. or perhaps to move it to duraspace github org (dspace org is fine too)
[16:16] <barmintor> now that I think about it
[16:17] <tdonohue> PeterDietz: Oh, cool. Didn't realize kompewter was in GitHub. Pull requests seem like a good way to manage updates then. We could also move it over to the demo.dspace.org server (just ping me on python dependencies if you cannot install yourself)
[16:17] <PeterDietz> dspace@demo:~/kompewter$ easy_install
[16:17] <PeterDietz> The program 'easy_install' is currently not installed. To run 'easy_install' please ask your administrator to install the package 'python-setuptools'
[16:18] <PeterDietz> from there, I need to install a module called BeautifulSoup, and I think there was an xml parsing module, but installation is more hackish than procedural (my bad)
[16:21] <tdonohue> PeterDietz -- if you can send me a list of all prerequisites, I can install them (just not sure I have the time to do the searching around myself today)
[16:28] * kompewter (~kompewter@sul272sandbox.lib.ohio-state.edu) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:38] <eddies> just re-ran benchmarks, now w/ even more bars: https://github.com/mediashelf/fedora-batch/raw/master/src/site/resources/images/batchGetDatastreams-bench.png
[16:42] <barmintor> My day off is not going the way I thought it would
[16:43] <eddies> my nights never have as much sleep as I hope they would
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[16:56] <ajs6f> Ben? You in there?
[16:57] <barmintor> ajs6f: yep
[16:57] <barmintor> ajs6f: the 3.5 policy-enforcement.xml is not valid any more
[16:57] <ajs6f> If it looks like a obsolete Spring XML to you, I'll try with a today's-master built FDORA_HOME.
[16:58] <ajs6f> Ah.. weird. I know I built that F_H from a 3.6-SNAP installer.
[16:58] <ajs6f> But I'll try with the latest-greatest.
[16:58] <ajs6f> So I shouldn't even see a policy-e.xml file in there any more?
[16:59] <barmintor> ajs6f: if you install with the feel option, you should see this: https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo/blob/master/fcrepo-installer/src/main/resources/config/spring/fesl/module/policy-enforcement.xml
[16:59] <barmintor> s/feel/fesl/
[16:59] <ajs6f> Hm. Maybe I screwed up the installer options somehow.
[16:59] <barmintor> the default version is this: https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo/blob/master/fcrepo-installer/src/main/resources/config/spring/policy-enforcement.xml
[17:00] <ajs6f> Sounds like I better start with a fresh installer and pay careful attention to the opts. KNowing what policy-e.xml _should_ look like is helpful.
[17:00] <barmintor> regardless, neither use that factory method anymore, b/c it's not valid anymore
[17:00] <ajs6f> Mine looks nothing like either of those.
[17:00] <ajs6f> All right. Sounds like a w. g. chase.
[17:01] <ajs6f> SOrry about that, Ben. I'll try with current gear and check in later.
[17:01] <barmintor> the short version: ContextAttributeFinderModule takes constructor args now
[17:01] <barmintor> ajs6f: I clearly need to doc this for the release
[17:01] <ajs6f> Yeah, I saw that— that's why I was weirded out by the factory-method attribute.
[17:02] <barmintor> ajs6f: side-effect of DRYing code and making FESL Spring configs
[17:03] <ajs6f> Well, I think just a note in the release notes is more than enough. You did the right thing, you just didn't count on punters like me. {grin}
[17:06] <barmintor> ajs6f: you'll also notice a general move to start separating interface and impl down there in the guts
[17:06] <barmintor> https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo/tree/master/fcrepo-server/src/main/java/org/fcrepo/server/security/impl
[17:07] <ajs6f> Nice. Fine-grained pluggable extensible SOA, here we come!
[17:08] <barmintor> and correspondingly: https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo/tree/master/fcrepo-security/fcrepo-security-pep/src/main/java/org/fcrepo/server/security/xacml/pep/impl
[17:10] <ajs6f> I would love for us to actually generate a Fedora security API that could be fulfilled by an XACML engine by defualt but also allow for people to experiment with simpler/more complex forms of policy.
[17:10] <barmintor> ajs6f: I haven't really refactored the legacy impls from .fcfg configs that way, but I feel we have latitude with the Spring components that are only 1 release old, since I think I was the only person who used the configs
[17:10] <ajs6f> In the policy SPring?
[17:10] <ajs6f> We were looking at it for just the reason you gave Dave the other day--
[17:10] <barmintor> well, *technically* you could do that with the Authorization interface
[17:11] <ajs6f> getting RI info into policy decions.
[17:11] <barmintor> that you can do since 3.5
[17:11] <barmintor> I'm talking Dave through it off-list
[17:11] * Dan_Davis (4a4f9413@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[17:12] <barmintor> though you might need to implement your own attribute finder for complex RI queries
[17:12] * mdiggory (~mdiggory@rrcs-74-87-47-114.west.biz.rr.com) has joined #duraspace
[17:12] <barmintor> but you can do simple RI queries as XACML att's with either FESL *or* legacy auth
[17:12] <ajs6f> Yeah, but you have to tun it on in Sprig, right?
[17:13] <barmintor> ajs6f: yes, you have to uncomment a module and config it
[17:13] <ajs6f> Right, so the point just being that I think people are interested in what's going on in the policy Spring— they do notice it.
[17:14] * barmintor waffles and harrumphs
[17:14] <ajs6f> Hm. Maybe Authorization.java is generic enough to be the interface of record for multiple policy engines.
[17:14] <ajs6f> Hve to look at that. you never know when you'll find a subtle XACML-driven assumption.
[17:17] <barmintor> eddies: should there be a section of the test plan page for documentation concerns?
[17:17] <ajs6f> There's a whole series of 'em.
[17:18] <barmintor> eddies: ajs6f has called me out on doc'ing Spring config changes
[17:18] <ajs6f> It's be nice to keep track of them. I forgot until Jonathan asked this morning about doc'ing the new servlet filter.
[17:19] <ajs6f> Wow. I just bit all the way through the lime slice in my pad thai, having mistaken it for tofu. That was pretty intense.
[17:20] <barmintor> there's actually a stealth "feature" in this release about the way xacml policies are loaded, too. But I don't know if I want to publicize it.
[17:21] <ajs6f> Well, do you feel okay about telling us, Ben? I don't want to pry, of course.
[17:22] <barmintor> in 3.6 there's a way to tell the policy engine to load the default policies, and then override them with subsequent policies if they have the same PolicyId
[17:22] <ajs6f> Wait, so you can rewrite repo-wide policies just by loading new 'uns with the same ID?
[17:24] <barmintor> well, sort of: If you have that feature turned on, and two policies have the same id, the non-default is read as an override
[17:24] <barmintor> when policies are reloaded
[17:24] <ajs6f> So both polices remain in existence, but one is shadowed.
[17:24] <barmintor> yeah, the old file still exists, it's just not loaded
[17:25] <barmintor> it's the only way I could get integration tests for external data streams to work
[17:25] <ajs6f> I meant exist in the sense of loaded. What I'm getting at is whether or not this is a reverseable action. If I pull my newer policy and reload, the old one comes unshadowed, right?
[17:25] <barmintor> yeah
[17:26] <ajs6f> Ben— if you're confident this works well, I would surely advertise it. It could be _really_ handy for experiementing with repo-wide policies.
[17:26] <barmintor> maybe more importantly, there's an interface you can implement for policy-loading strategies now
[17:27] <barmintor> that's what I should have said
[17:27] <ajs6f> Ah… I see.
[17:28] <barmintor> https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo/blob/master/fcrepo-server/src/main/java/org/fcrepo/server/security/PolicyLoader.java
[17:28] <ajs6f> Very nice. That would have made Steve's work to kill DBXML much easier, I imagine. And I can sort of think of special cases where you'd really like to put something like a JCR or other repository in place to manage a big crowd of polices. Eddie is wont to point to interest in records-management— that could be real handy in those ckinds of projects.
[17:29] <ajs6f> P.S. My Spring problem went away. It must definitely have been an old installer, somehow.
[17:29] <barmintor> well, I'm all about jumping in to fix something after somebody else did the hard part. Thanks, Jiri!
[17:29] <ajs6f> It's called open source integration, baby.
[17:34] * ajs6f (~Adium@d-137-155-205.bootp.Virginia.EDU) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[17:35] * ajs6f (~Adium@ has joined #duraspace
[17:35] <barmintor> eddies: I'll try to start doc'ing some stuff later this weekend. I need to take care of some domestic stuff while there's still daylight. ajs6f: send me an email if anything else comes up
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[18:21] <PeterDietz> fcrepo-123
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[21:36] <PeterDietz> test test, fcrepo-123
[21:36] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/fcrepo-123 ] - [#FCREPO-123] CMDA Off-Line Validator - DuraSpace JIRA
[21:37] <PeterDietz> tdonohue: I haven't yet written the update "how to run kompewter guides", but I've added a load of duraspace projects to be detected. https://github.com/peterdietz/jenni/commit/e6dfc874dfb288a8b72d839f20e9a6ee1849d2ab
[21:37] <kompewter> [ Added a huge list of duraspace jira projects to robots response list · e6dfc87 · peterdietz/jenni · GitHub ] - https://github.com/peterdietz/jenni/commit/e6dfc874dfb288a8b72d839f20e9a6ee1849d2ab
[21:38] <tdonohue> wow...cool!
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