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[13:02] <cwilper> https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FCREPO/2012-07-05+-+Fedora+Committer+Meeting
[13:08] <eddies> FCREPO-1113
[13:08] <eddies> https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/FCREPO-1113
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[13:22] <cwilper> MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx512m -Xms512m -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m"
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[14:50] <cwilper> eddies: of course the minute i got whatsapp installed, my internet came back.
[15:00] <eddies> heh. just grabbing some dinner, will be back in a bit
[15:23] <eddies> fyi, re-running tests on aws w/ maven_opts. will check in again in a bit
[15:41] <lyncode> how do i add artifact dependencies to dspace-parent/dspace/lib ?
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[15:54] <eddies> cwilper: test suite failed, but at least now it looks like a specific failure with risearch
[15:55] <cwilper> eddies: i'm also having trouble with the ri in doing sanity checks vs oaiprovider. it sucks up a bunch of cpu and makes tomcat unresponsive.
[15:56] <eddies> cwilper: i just noticed the rebuilder didn
[15:56] <eddies> oops. I meant: I just noticed the rebuilder didn't actually seem to work (this is w/ mptstore). left the triples untouched after i ran the rebuilder against an empty objectstore & datastreamstore
[15:57] <eddies> cwilper: you're using mulgara, right?
[15:57] <cwilper> hmm. not looking good. for oaiprovider tests, i was just trying to ingest some test objects, and i had to keep killing tomcat. doing thread dumps wasn't too revealing, but i did notice mulgara seemed to be stuck in some sort of loop.
[15:57] <cwilper> yeah
[15:59] <cwilper> well, "stuck in a loop" may not be entirely accurate, but it's way in the internals of AVLNode, one of the threads is saying it's waiting on a condition...but the call stack looks like it's in the middle of a modification of triples. like it's just getting stuck there and consuming all the cpu till i kill it.
[16:08] <cwilper> Currently getting this: ERROR 2012-07-05 12:06:00.896 [http-8080-2] (RISearchServlet) Unexpected error servicing API-A request java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
[16:09] <cwilper> ...after which Tomcat hangs. So this may be related to the resource exhaustion issue you saw earlier. I don't know.
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[16:22] <cwilper> eddies: sure enough, when i boost up the memory values via JAVA_OPTS, the oaiprovider stuff seems to work fine.
[16:23] <eddies> cwilper: does the rebuilder even work w/ mptstore?
[16:24] <eddies> or, rather, is it supposed to?
[16:24] <cwilper> it's quite possible that this release puts bigger demands on PermGenSize...with all the library updates & move to cxf.
[16:24] <cwilper> re:mptstore, hmmm...i thought it didn't actually do the database table clearing.
[16:24] <eddies> ResourceIndexRebuilder only has a deleteDirectory method, nothing to drop or clear tables
[16:24] <eddies> the console output makes it look like it's rebuilding :P
[16:25] <cwilper> yes, thinking back, i recall that we said an mptstore rebuild requires a manual clearing of the tables. i guess that's still the case.
[16:26] <cwilper> but i thought the rebuilder gave a big message to that effect.
[16:28] <cwilper> https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo/blob/master/fcrepo-server/src/main/java/org/fcrepo/server/resourceIndex/ResourceIndexRebuilder.java#L178
[16:32] <cwilper> ahh, this commit caused that not to happen anymore: https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo/commit/c8c9b8b0c447dd9a0c9513d90f7af9d464d8c99f ...the message is only printed if dropIndex is actually called, which it no longer is in the case that they're running mptstore
[16:33] <cwilper> so that seems relatively small, but should be logged. but the more concerning ec2 issue still stands, right?
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[17:56] <eddies> cwilper: running the tests again. not sure if the tests failed because mptstore was inconsistent w/ the rest of fedora before starting test
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[18:24] <eddies> no dice: https://gist.github.com/3055494
[18:35] <cwilper> does that test pass with mulgara but not mptstore?
[18:37] <cwilper> i assume so, because i see it's enabled by default for the configC tests.
[18:48] <eddies> yeah, only failing w/ mptstore
[18:50] <eddies> i'm running out of gas
[18:52] <eddies> unless the failure i'm getting isn't reproducible by others, i don't think this is ready for release
[18:56] <cwilper> i only have a couple hours left today to help. so i could try the mptstore test if you want, but with the window we have left, i'm not sure we'd get it out anyway..
[18:57] <cwilper> just to be clear, the mptstore test fails on your local machine, right? so i shouldn't need to spin up an ec2 instance to try to reproduce.
[18:59] <eddies> i'm running this on ec2
[19:00] <eddies> ec2 large instance w/ ubuntu 12.04 & postgres
[19:01] <eddies> mvn -Dconfig=B -Dfedora.home=~/fedora -Dit.test=org.fcrepo.test.api.TestRISearch clean verify
[19:06] <cwilper> but you haven't run the same test in any other environment yet, right? if that's the case, i'll start by running locally on os x (which will be quickest)
[19:07] <eddies> no, have only run postgres test on ec2
[19:11] <cwilper> ok, installed and rebuilt ri with mptstore...then removed objects from fedora, and purges seemed to reflect properly in the riTriples db. now running your mvn test command...
[19:12] <eddies> (gotta run that from fcrepo-integrationtest dir, don't forget, not from parent fcrepo dir)
[19:17] <cwilper> ahh, same failure here. sounds like it wasn't meant to happen today.
[19:17] <cwilper> it's the stars' fault.
[19:20] <cwilper> too bad...but we're really awfully close. even if this one is simple to debug, we're pretty much out of time to get this out the door, so let's figure out the next step in person next week, eh?
[19:28] <eddies> yeah
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