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IRC Log for 2012-11-26

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[14:35] <eddies> tdonohue: are you on the sysadmin list?
[14:38] <tdonohue> Hi eddies -- yea, I am
[14:38] <eddies> i hope you saw i broke jira
[14:38] <eddies> or at least i think it was me
[14:38] <tdonohue> just getting in this morning though...so, I just now am checking the list...I see JIRA is down
[14:39] <tdonohue> I'll check into it. Thanks for the info though, hopefully we can track down whether it was just a plugin upgrade, or something else
[14:39] <eddies> i'm pretty sure it was one of the two plugins i mentioned in the email
[14:40] <eddies> ok. thanks for looking into it & sorry for the breakage
[14:41] <tdonohue> it's ok...it happens sometimes. hopefully a quick reboot will fix it...that's step #1
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[14:45] <tdonohue> I rebooted JIRA, and it seems to be back now, eddies
[14:45] <tdonohue> looks like it just needed a refresh
[14:46] <eddies> tdonohue++
[14:46] <eddies> thanks!
[14:47] <tdonohue> no problem! Glad it was that easy. Someone likely would've gotten to this sooner, but unfortunately Bill & Andrew are traveling today...so, I'm the only one holding down the fort right now :)
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