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IRC Log for 2013-07-25

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[10:21] <cerberii> hi
[10:21] <cerberii> whats this place
[10:21] <cerberii> eddies1: hi
[10:22] <cerberii> eddies1: sab what you doing here
[10:22] <cerberii> is this where the feds sit?
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[13:01] <pdurbin> cerberii: http://i.imgur.com/XLQIsnH.gif ;)
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[13:34] <hpottinger> hey, tdonohue, I'm sitting in my boss' office, doing some pre-meeting talking, but I'm also going to be running the release scripts (MULTITASKING!)
[13:35] <hpottinger> doing a tag and increment version for 1.8
[13:41] <hpottinger> done for 1.8, doing a tag and increment on 1.7 now
[13:42] <hpottinger> anybody on here want to double-check the tags for 1.8.3?
[13:45] <hpottinger> silly me, in the logged channel and didn't even notice, switching to #dspace
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[19:11] -mist- [Global Notice] There may be some join/part noise for a while as we need to re-hub a few servers for some maintenance. Those of a nervous disposition may wish to take a break and grab a beverage. Thanks for flying freenode.
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[19:40] -mist- [Global Notice] Thanks, that should be all the moving around for now. kornbluth will be leaving the network in the next few hours for some fix work, other than that, normal service is resumed. Thanks.
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