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IRC Log for 2013-12-31

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[9:45] -mist- [Festive Global Notice] The year 2014 will soon be kicking in in some parts of the world! Join us in #freenode-newyears for fun and festivity! (Yes, there may be more comedy globals over the period, complaints to /dev/null you moaning ninnies)
[11:00] -mist- [New Year Global] Happy New Year to everyone in the New Zealand time zone!
[11:11] -RichiH- [Global Notice] Hi all. As the kiwis are firmly in 2014 already and the marmites are preparing, let us remind you about the spammy #freenode-newyears and the conversational #freenode-newyears-nospam . Also in the news: carrots
[11:39] -RichiH- [Global Notice] a very grumpy dan408_ has requested, and confirmed, that he does not, quote, "receive enough msgs as well". he wants _you_ to fix that. do not ask me why, but have at it, i guess
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[15:53] -mist- [New Year Festive Notice] About 10 minutes to go until new year hits Malaysia, bits of China, and finishes sweeping through Oz. Cast greetings out in #freenode-newyears!
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