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IRC Log for 2014-01-05

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[6:35] -hubbard.freenode.net- *** Looking up your hostname...
[6:35] -hubbard.freenode.net- *** Checking Ident
[6:35] -hubbard.freenode.net- *** Found your hostname
[6:35] -hubbard.freenode.net- *** No Ident response
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[20:22] -mist- [Global Notice] Sorry about the network split noise, folk. Unfortunately, yet another bunch of idiots has decided to DOS us. Yes, very funny guys. I guess your mummy and daddy bought you a botnet for christmas. Anyway, hopefully they'll get bored soon, until then, sorry again for the network noise, and thanks to all our sponsors who generously provide the bandwidth that this idiots fill with garbage.
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