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[14:06] <tdonohue> FYI FOR ALL: all DSpace mailing lists hosted at SourceForge (dspace-general, dspace-tech, dspace-devel) seem to be down. The last message I've seen across them was Monday evening (EST). I've logged a ticket with SourceForge, but they have been unresponsive as of yet. http://sourceforge.net/p/forge/site-support/9820/
[14:06] <kompewter> [ Forge / Site Support / #9820 DSpace mailing lists seem to be down / not functional ] - http://sourceforge.net/p/forge/site-support/9820/
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[14:58] * hpottinger yawns, 3 minutes 'til meeting time...
[14:58] <pbecker> hpottinger: will you give us a count down? ;-)
[14:59] <hpottinger> sure, 2 minutes
[14:59] <hpottinger> oh, erm, 1 minute
[14:59] <pbecker> please welcome your host: tdonohue!
[15:00] <tdonohue> haha :)
[15:00] * hpottinger claps loudly.
[15:01] <tdonohue> OK, so, obviously this is the weekly DSpace Developers meeting. Agenda at https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2015-02-25
[15:01] <kompewter> [ DevMtg 2015-02-25 - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2015-02-25
[15:01] <tdonohue> So, I wish I could say I prepped more for this meeting...but, unfortunately I've just been "fighting fires" in the last 24 hours.
[15:02] <hpottinger> how can we help?
[15:02] <pbecker> hope that's not meant literally?!
[15:02] <tdonohue> The most recent fire (still burning strongly) is that none of our DSpace mailing lists are currently working. This includes dspace-general, dspace-tech and dspace-devel, dspace-commit, dspace-*.... They all are down
[15:02] <tdonohue> (no, not literal fires)
[15:03] <tdonohue> I've logged a ticket with SourceForge. These lists seem unresponsive since Monday. SourceForge staff has yet to respond to the ticket: http://sourceforge.net/p/forge/site-support/9820/
[15:03] <kompewter> [ Forge / Site Support / #9820 DSpace mailing lists seem to be down / not functional ] - http://sourceforge.net/p/forge/site-support/9820/
[15:04] <tdonohue> This morning, I've also been investigating a possible "rapid migration" to Google Groups from SourceForge mailing lists....because as far as I'm concerned, this is one of the "last straws" for SourceForge.
[15:04] <hpottinger> +1 moving
[15:05] <hpottinger> I'm sure we've talked this topic to death, but, can you recap why self-hosting mail man is not an option?
[15:05] <tdonohue> Andrew Woods from Fedora has done a similar migration from SF -> GG for Fedora about a year back...he's passed along his notes on the process. It's not exactly *easy*, but if we don't have any other way to communicate, it's now the top priority on my list.
[15:06] <tdonohue> hpottinger: mostly just that DuraSpace doesn't run a mailmain. All other DuraSpace projects use Google Groups for mailing lists. So, we've never hosted mailman ourselves
[15:06] <pbecker> tdonohue: is the list of "mailing list members" accessible?
[15:07] <tdonohue> yes, the mailing list subscribers/members *is* accessible. The *archives* are also accessible (though I'm having difficulty downloading the dspace-tech archives...likely it's just massive in size). The archives obviously end as of Monday, when the lists stopped working
[15:08] <tdonohue> I've successfully downloaded the archives from all other lists...*except* dspace-tech
[15:08] <tdonohue> I've been following these general instructions, with tips/hints from Andrew Woods: https://github.com/wojdyr/fityk/wiki/MigrationToGoogleGroups
[15:08] <kompewter> [ MigrationToGoogleGroups · wojdyr/fityk Wiki · GitHub ] - https://github.com/wojdyr/fityk/wiki/MigrationToGoogleGroups
[15:09] <hpottinger> http://sourceforge.net/blog/category/sitestatus/
[15:09] <kompewter> [ SourceForge Community Blog | Category Archive | Site Status ] - http://sourceforge.net/blog/category/sitestatus/
[15:09] <hpottinger> looks like they are in the middle of a hardware migration
[15:09] <hpottinger> wait, no, that was back in December
[15:10] <tdonohue> Yea, that was 2 mos ago :)
[15:10] <hpottinger> https://twitter.com/sfnet_ops
[15:10] <kompewter> [ SF.net Operations (@sfnet_ops) | Twitter ] - https://twitter.com/sfnet_ops
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[15:12] <tdonohue> So, in any case, I'm not sure if there is any areas that anyone else can help with on the list migration. I just wish we had a way to communicate any of this to our users...but, if I can get the "dspace-general" list migrated quickly enough, we can do that.
[15:13] <tdonohue> Oh, and as part of this migration...I'm proposing we rename "dspace-general" (which is a bad name) to something like "dspace-community" (Fedora's community list is called "fedora-community")
[15:13] <hpottinger> in this day and age, sometimes a grumbly tweet gets more attention than a ticket
[15:13] <tdonohue> I'll tweet at them too...thanks for the sfnet_ops twitter link
[15:14] <tdonohue> Even if SourceForge suddenly responds and gets us running again, I still think we should consider moving over to Google Groups in the near future (though it obviously wouldn't be as "rushed')
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[15:15] <tdonohue> huh, looks like they also have a "realtime" IRC support channel: https://sourceforge.net/support
[15:15] <hpottinger> tdonohue: you can maybe tweet the mail list status out, the news will spread via twitter, it's not ideal, but it would work
[15:15] <kompewter> [ Site Support ] - https://sourceforge.net/support
[15:15] <tdonohue> hpottinger: very true
[15:18] <hpottinger> that IRC channel is on freenode, you should just be able to join it from here
[15:18] <tdonohue> Just tweeted this out: https://twitter.com/dspacetweets/status/570603695060213761
[15:18] <kompewter> [ DSpace Community on Twitter: "All DSpace Mailing lists are experiencing problems (-general, -tech, -devel). We've logged a ticket with SourceForge, who hosts these lists" ] - https://twitter.com/dspacetweets/status/570603695060213761
[15:18] <hpottinger> (not that we *all* need to go over there right now)
[15:19] * pbecker is already there, waiting for you. ;-)
[15:20] <tdonohue> OK...so, if we are jumping over there, that means this meeting gets put temporarily "on hold" ;)
[15:20] * hpottinger is staying put
[15:20] <hpottinger> pbecker, you have my proxy, you may grump at SF on my behalf
[15:21] <tdonohue> Hmmm...my IRC client is playing tricks and telling me "no such channel: sourceforge". I'll just jump over post-meeting
[15:22] <pbecker> a bot tells me, that we are comming outside of their business hours...
[15:22] <tdonohue> but, in the meantime, pbecker, if you want to alert them...here's the SF ticket I logged: http://sourceforge.net/p/forge/site-support/9820/
[15:22] <kompewter> [ Forge / Site Support / #9820 DSpace mailing lists seem to be down / not functional ] - http://sourceforge.net/p/forge/site-support/9820/
[15:22] <hpottinger> soo.... tdonohue has been working pretty hard getting a bunch of dot plus one releases out
[15:23] <tdonohue> Yes, so, back to Release topics...
[15:23] <hpottinger> what's the story with 4.x?
[15:23] <tdonohue> There were a few (minor, now fixed, I believe) "fires" in the release processes yesterday. Namely, the 4.x branch was in an "unstable" state
[15:23] <tdonohue> The 4.x branch now seems to be ready. I need to rerun the release from there though.
[15:24] <tdonohue> Latest status is.... 3.4 is released & available (unannounced though, obviously). 4.3 is "in process", and 5.1 is last in line
[15:24] <pbecker> I wrote into #sourceforge, but I don't think that I'll get any help over there now. We should look for their business hours and try again later.
[15:24] <tdonohue> SourceForge business hours: https://sourceforge.net/p/forge/documentation/Support%20Service%20Levels/
[15:24] <kompewter> [ Forge / Documentation / Support Service Levels ] - https://sourceforge.net/p/forge/documentation/Support%20Service%20Levels/
[15:25] <tdonohue> Looks like they should be in "business" after this meeting
[15:26] <hpottinger> 16->0UTC
[15:26] * awoods (~awoods@c-67-165-245-76.hsd1.co.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[15:27] <pbecker> other sf-projects have the same issues as we have.
[15:27] <pbecker> sorry, back to the releases.
[15:28] <pbecker> tdonohue, hpottinger: thanks for your work on the releases!
[15:28] <tdonohue> So, regarding all our releases. I think the rest of the 4.3 and 5.1 release processes should go smoothly (fingers crossed). The "Release Notes" for each are still in process (but mostly there). I haven't drafted an announcement yet (but we need the lists back to do that, obviously)
[15:29] <tdonohue> I will also mention, I've started adding Release information to GitHub (in their "releases" section)... https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/releases
[15:29] <kompewter> [ Releases · DSpace/DSpace · GitHub ] - https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/releases
[15:29] <tdonohue> (Currently it wrongly says "4.3" is the latest release, only cause that's the last one I did. Once 5.1 is out there, it will be tagged "latest")
[15:32] <tdonohue> I think that's really the latest info I have...as mentioned, it's been a crazy last 24 hours. Hopefully SourceForge will fix our mailing list issues today (but in the meantime, I'm starting the Google Groups migration process behind the scenes, just in case)
[15:33] <hpottinger> tdonohue: do you want to alert the community to the possible move?
[15:33] <helix84> tdonohue: are the release branches still open for other bugfixes?
[15:34] <tdonohue> helix84: no. Releases are happening. 3.4 is out, 4.3 is tagged (but not yet to Maven Central). 5.1 is coming soon.
[15:34] <helix84> tdonohue: thanks
[15:35] <tdonohue> hpottinger: not quite yet. As the Google Groups migration takes some time, if SF *responds* we'll stay on SF (for now, at least). If they don't respond, then I'll let the community know once the Google Groups migration is "almost there"
[15:35] <hpottinger> OK
[15:35] <tdonohue> Any other questions / thoughts here? Our agenda is very light today.. I honestly don't have any other topics for today :)
[15:36] <hpottinger> looking forward to 6, do we want to bump all our dependency versions soon?
[15:36] <tdonohue> And, another SF project just noted their mailing list is also down. This SF problem may get resolved (hopefully).
[15:39] <tdonohue> regarding DSpace 6. Sure, now is the time to start to think about bumping up dependencies. Likely we need to do it in a JIRA ticket / PR though, obviously
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[15:41] <tdonohue> No other topics for today? (Sorry, my mind is really in several places at once, unfortunately)
[15:41] <pbecker> are there any plans to work on our database connection? Perhaps introducing some new orm, going to use hibernate or some other framework?
[15:42] <pbecker> While I started using (and developing) DSpace I saw some plans, but I do not know there current status and who was working (or thinking about) on it?
[15:42] <hpottinger> pbecker: people are toying with the idea, but no concrete plans that I know of, and certainly no JIRA issues on it
[15:42] <tdonohue> Regarding DB connection.... I've heard rumor that @mire is working on some sort of Hibernate integration for DSpace 6 (I think KevinVdV maybe?). They haven't formally said anything to Committers yet, though.
[15:43] <tdonohue> I'd contact KevinVdV though on Hibernate stuff if you are interested. I really don't know it's status or how far along the idea is...just heard mention of it as a possibility
[15:43] <hpottinger> https://github.com/KevinVdV/dspace-hibernate-datamodel
[15:43] <kompewter> [ KevinVdV/dspace-hibernate-datamodel · GitHub ] - https://github.com/KevinVdV/dspace-hibernate-datamodel
[15:44] <hpottinger> if you're interested, star that
[15:44] <pbecker> hpottinger: I would love to see support for other dbms. but I'm currently working on versioning and deletion of epersons.
[15:44] <tdonohue> aha. Yea, it's possible Kevin is even working more on this behind the scenes too...not sure
[15:45] <pbecker> If I'll start thinking about it, I'll contact KevinVdV...
[15:46] <tdonohue> We should remember to also ask KevinVdV to be sure he *is* planning on this for DSpace 6. Again, I don't have a formal verification...just heard it was of interest to @mire / Kevin
[15:46] * pbecker loves postgres, but has some local reasons to look for other dbms
[15:46] <hpottinger> I have an idea, maybe we put some of these "big changes" ideas on the table for the meeting at OR15?
[15:47] <tdonohue> hpottinger: good point. Probably about time to start up an OR15 Meeting page (on wiki) and adding in some possible topics to discuss
[15:47] <helix84> I have a heads up regarding Solr 5
[15:47] <helix84> The important news is that Solr 5 will no longer be distributed as a war, but rather as a separate server (customized jetty)
[15:48] <helix84> (actually Solr 5 was released this week)
[15:48] <helix84> so this may be time to start planning what we'll do in the DSpace 6 timeframe
[15:49] <tdonohue> huh, I hadn't noticed that yet, helix84. Good to know. At the same time, that seems a tad harder to work with, if you just want to use Tomcat for everything. Hmmm...
[15:49] <helix84> the obvious option would be to distribute the Solr server along DSpace, kind of like we do with the local handle server
[15:49] <tdonohue> true
[15:50] <pbecker> I don't like the habit of apps to run containers for their own. Ending up with a lot of servlet containers using a lot of memory which could be used better.
[15:50] <helix84> we might also consider if we want to do an ElasticSearch implementation of our Discovery and perhaps switch from Solr to ES sometime (just throwing an idea out there)
[15:50] <helix84> or we might want to stay with Solr 4.10.x for DSpace 6
[15:50] <tdonohue> jumping to ES is definitely another option
[15:50] <tdonohue> Or staying on Solr 4 for now
[15:51] <hpottinger> As long as we reign in the auto-wiring for ES... I want to be able to tell it what NIC to bind to
[15:51] <helix84> I think I had one more option in mind but I don't remember what it was :)
[15:51] <tdonohue> helix84: would you be willing to start up a JIRA ticket to begin this discussion?
[15:51] <helix84> tdonohue: sure
[15:51] <tdonohue> thanks!
[15:52] <robint> Hi all
[15:52] <helix84> Another piece of info regarding Solr 5 is that it will be able to migrate indexes in Solr 4.10 format automatically
[15:53] <helix84> It's a similar situation to out 3.5.0 -> 4.10.2 migration
[15:53] * hpottinger waves to robint.
[15:53] <robint> re. Hibernate, I have a feeling Cineca did a Hibernate implementation
[15:53] <hpottinger> Hmm... it's an early meeting day, where are the? :-)
[15:53] <helix84> DSpace 6 with Solr 5 would have an ant task to download the solr 4.10.x jar, do an index upgrade
[15:53] <hpottinger> *they
[15:54] <helix84> then Solr 5 would upgrade the 4.10.x index to 5.x format automatically
[15:54] <helix84> (IOW Solr 5 won't support 3.x indexes anymore)
[15:54] <robint> https://github.com/Cineca/dspace-cris/tree/master/api/src/main/resources/hibernate
[15:54] <kompewter> [ dspace-cris/api/src/main/resources/hibernate at master · Cineca/dspace-cris · GitHub ] - https://github.com/Cineca/dspace-cris/tree/master/api/src/main/resources/hibernate
[15:56] <robint> Although a quick glance suggests its just for their additional CRIS stuff rather than the original DSpace model
[15:56] <robint> Sorry, jumped in and went off on a tangent :)
[15:56] <tdonohue> robint: huh, still is good to know CINECA also has done Hibernate. I didn't realize that
[15:57] <hpottinger> DS-2473
[15:57] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-2473 ] - [DS-2473] Bump dependency versions in DSpace:master - DuraSpace JIRA
[16:00] <helix84> Huh, false alarm, it seems I'm wrong. Solr 5 _is_ shipping a war, they pushed the issue back to Solr 6. http://search.maven.org/#artifactdetails%7Corg.dspace.modules%7Csolr%7C5.0%7Cwar
[16:00] <kompewter> [ The Central Repository Search Engine ] - http://search.maven.org/#artifactdetails%7Corg.dspace.modules%7Csolr%7C5.0%7Cwar
[16:00] <helix84> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SOLR-4792
[16:00] <kompewter> [ [SOLR-4792] stop shipping a war in 5.0 - ASF JIRA ] - https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SOLR-4792
[16:01] <tdonohue> aha, thanks helix84
[16:01] <tdonohue> Ok, all. So, since topics are light (and someone from SF my have just shown up in #sourceforge IRC), I'm going to close up the meeting for today
[16:02] <hpottinger> so, a worry for DSpace 7, but, we could still have the "maybe Elastic Search?" discussion?
[16:02] <tdonohue> Hopefully we get these mailing lists issues fixed ASAP.
[16:02] <tdonohue> I will be around on IRC all day today though...so feel free to ping me as needed
[16:04] <helix84> hpottinger: One issue with migrating Discovery from Solr to DSpace is that DSpace uses the javabin-format of Solr responses. AFAIK, ElasticSearch only speaks JSON, but I might be wrong.
[16:04] <helix84> s/to DSpace/to ElasticSearch/
[16:04] <kompewter> helix84 meant to say: hpottinger: One issue with migrating Discovery from Solr to ElasticSearch is that DSpace uses the javabin-format of Solr responses. AFAIK, ElasticSearch only speaks JSON, but I might be wrong.
[16:04] <hpottinger> https://gist.github.com/hardyoyo/e7669b312c3ea2f4566d
[16:04] <kompewter> [ results of mvn versions:display-dependency-updates on DSpace:master 2/25/2015 ] - https://gist.github.com/hardyoyo/e7669b312c3ea2f4566d
[16:09] <hpottinger> spring has a big update, looks like
[16:14] <hpottinger> from a quick skim, lots of minor bumps, and big bumps for spring and Solr
[16:21] <cknowles> Discussion on the SOLR jira about moving away from a WAR https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SOLR-4792
[16:21] <kompewter> [ [SOLR-4792] stop shipping a war in 5.0 - ASF JIRA ] - https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SOLR-4792
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[16:39] <tdonohue> Update on DSpace mailing list issues: pbecker & I are in discussions with SourceForge staff in their IRC. Sounds like several other projects are also having mailing list issues, starting around the same time. SF staff is looking into it. No timeline on resolution, yet. But, I'm hopeful it'll be soon.
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[20:11] <tdonohue> FYI for All: DSpace Mailing Lists seem to be coming back. Mail from yesterday (24th) is now "trickling" in. I'm not sure they are completely back (yet) though.
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