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[20:00] <tdonohue> Hi all, welcome. It's time for our weekly DSpace DevMtg. Agenda for today https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2016-10-12
[20:00] <kompewter> [ DevMtg 2016-10-12 - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2016-10-12
[20:01] <tdonohue> So, we are *really* narrowing in on 6.0... which is awesome to see!
[20:02] <tdonohue> Before that though, I *do* want to mention that I'm out of the office all of next week (Oct 17 through 21... return to office, Mon, Oct 24) at DuraSpace staff meetings
[20:02] <tdonohue> So, I'll miss this meeting next week. Is there anyone here who can take the lead on pulling folks together for a meeting on Weds, Oct 19 @ 15UTC?
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[20:03] <mhwood> You might want to repeat that -- folks are just now arriving.
[20:03] <hpottinger> peterdietz, bollini, welcome, Tim just asked for volunteers
[20:03] <pbecker> I can take the lead
[20:04] <tdonohue> peterdietz & bollini welcome
[20:04] <bollini> hi all
[20:04] <tdonohue> thanks pbecker for being willing to call together next week's meeting!
[20:04] <pbecker> hi peter! hi andrea!
[20:04] <terry-b> hello everyone
[20:04] <peterdietz> Hi All
[20:04] <pbecker> hi terry
[20:04] <hpottinger> hi kompewter!
[20:04] <kompewter> hpottinger: How are you?
[20:05] * pbecker will be mostly lurking today and might be on and off during this meeting.
[20:05] <tdonohue> One other thing to note prior to release discussions... Committers will have seen Art Lowel (from Atmire) is looking to organize a "re-kickoff meeting" of Angular2 UI / DSpace 7 work in the coming weeks.
[20:06] <tdonohue> So, anyone who is interested in that kickoff meeting, please fill out Art's Doodle poll at http://doodle.com/poll/5ycsku6r872vkzdn
[20:06] <kompewter> [ Doodle: DSpace UI Meeting ] - http://doodle.com/poll/5ycsku6r872vkzdn
[20:06] <tdonohue> (And if you cannot make it, no worries...I think there will be plenty more opportunities to get involved, including announcements to lists, etc...this is simply a kickoff discussion)
[20:06] <tdonohue> That's it for quick announcements from me.
[20:07] <tdonohue> On to release discussions / planning
[20:08] <tdonohue> So, we have two bug-fix / security fix releases forthcoming. 5.6 is already "out there" (but unannounced, waiting on corresponding 4.7 release). The 4.7 release is "ready to go" (according to pbecker) but needs a volunteer to cut the release
[20:08] <tdonohue> Anyone interested in doing the honors for 4.7?
[20:09] <bollini> I think lap will be able to do that tomorrow if you want
[20:10] <hpottinger> +1 lap
[20:10] <tdonohue> sure, that'd be great if lap is available to do it then! Honestly, the 4.7 & 5.6 Announcements are nearly ready to go (I have them drafted). We just need 4.7 released & quick release notes on the Wiki
[20:11] <tdonohue> So, lap will take care of 4.7 (thanks bollini, and thanks lap82)
[20:11] <bollini> ok, I will ask him to proceed tomorrow in the Italian morning (so few 10-12 hours from now)
[20:11] <tdonohue> sounds great
[20:11] <pbecker> tdonohue: please include a note that there was a version 4.6 that includes one security fix as well.
[20:12] <pbecker> so basically 4.7 will include three mostly new fixes. ;-)
[20:12] <tdonohue> pbecker: we will... the announcement will be able 4.7, but I'll include that fix from 4.6 (and make it clear that was in 4.6 actually)
[20:12] <tdonohue> will be *about* 4.7
[20:12] <pbecker> thank you tdonohue, abollini and lap82.
[20:13] <tdonohue> Ok, so that leaves us with 6.0...and I'm pleased to note that our remaining 6.0 tickets are just "Documentation" related!
[20:13] <tdonohue> https://jira.duraspace.org/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&jqlQuery=project+%3D+DS+AND+status+in+%28Received%2C+%22More+Details+Needed%22%2C+%22Volunteer+Needed%22%2C+%22Code+Review+Needed%22%2C+Accepted%2C+%22Awaiting+Documentation%22%29+AND+priority+in+%28Blocker%2C+Critical%2C+Major%29+AND+fixVersion+%3D+6.0+&src=confmacro
[20:13] <kompewter> [ Issue Navigator - DuraSpace JIRA ] - https://jira.duraspace.org/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&jqlQuery=project+%3D+DS+AND+status+in+%28Received%2C+%22More+Details+Needed%22%2C+%22Volunteer+Needed%22%2C+%22Code+Review+Needed%22%2C+Accepted%2C+%22Awaiting+Documentation%22%29+AND+priority+in+%28Blocker%2C+Critical%2C+Major%29+AND+fixVersion+%3D+6.0+&src=confmacro
[20:14] <tdonohue> We have just two tickets left, and both are in "Awaiting Documentation" status.
[20:14] <pbecker> I pinged Art in one of them today.
[20:14] <tdonohue> As mentioned last week, I'd suggest we do one last release candidate (6.0 RC4)... allow for ~1 week for final testing (especially of upgrades, etc)...and then release 6.0 final
[20:14] <pbecker> The other one was just closed today.
[20:15] <tdonohue> Yes, it looks like the two tickets left are waiting for docs from Art Lowell (DS-3315) and lap (DS-2604)
[20:15] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-3315 ] - [DS-3315] Update mirage 2&#39;s building dependencies (nodejs/npm) - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:15] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-2604 ] - [DS-2604] Creative Commons license assignment silently fails in JSPUI - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:16] <tdonohue> and thanks pbecker for pinging both of them again in comments
[20:16] <tdonohue> So, regarding RC4... did we have a volunteer to cut the release? Are there any more tickets we are missing that *need* to get into RC4 or 6.0 final?
[20:17] <bollini> I can put some documentation for DS-2604 tomorrow. Just remember me about the procedure for the docs... should I update the wiki or put in JIRA as a comment?
[20:17] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-2604 ] - [DS-2604] Creative Commons license assignment silently fails in JSPUI - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:17] <pbecker> mhwood volunteered to cut RC4.
[20:17] * mhwood waves
[20:17] <bollini> +1 mhwood :)
[20:17] <tdonohue> bollini: please put them right into the DSDOC6x wiki space (especially since we are really close to 6.0 final now)
[20:17] <pbecker> bollinig: please put them directly into the wiki.
[20:17] <tdonohue> bollini: if you need someone to review them, you could always link to them from the ticket and ask for someone to give them a quick read over
[20:18] <bollini> ahah do you remember my English? :)
[20:18] <tdonohue> thanks mhwood! I thought someone volunteered on RC4 ;)
[20:18] <tdonohue> bollini: We can help correct english as needed. No worries ;)
[20:18] <mhwood> Yes
[20:19] <tdonohue> So, with RC4. mhwood did you have a day that worked best for you to cut that release candidate?
[20:20] <pbecker> bollini: I always link the pages I change in the Jira or ask in #dspace for some reviewers.
[20:20] <hpottinger> bollini: your english is fine, I've read your docs before
[20:20] <mhwood> I can start on it tomorrow morning. I'm out starting mid-afternoon. I should be back on Friday if there is more to do.
[20:21] <tdonohue> Sounds great, mhwood. I think we should announce RC4 (once it has propagated to Maven Central). But, it can be a very simple announcement like RC3 was..
[20:21] <tdonohue> Here's that RC3 announcement: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/dspace-community/HfterQuVat4/07s5o-waCgAJ
[20:21] <kompewter> [ Google Groups ] - https://groups.google.com/d/msg/dspace-community/HfterQuVat4/07s5o-waCgAJ
[20:21] <mhwood> OK, I have that logged.
[20:22] <tdonohue> And with RC4, it might be nice to give an estimated date for the 6.0 Final release (if we can). pbecker, do I remember correctly that you offered to do 6.0 final?
[20:22] <pbecker> yes.
[20:22] <tdonohue> Did we want to establish an estimated 6.0 final release date now? :)
[20:23] <pbecker> I would cut it on Friday 21st if all should be fine with RC4.
[20:23] <pbecker> Then we could annouce it on Monday 24th (or late on 21st if I start early in CET).
[20:24] <tdonohue> Ok, so that said, I'd recommend we say in the RC4 announcement that "Assuming no last minute major issues are discovered, we anticipate releasing 6.0 final on or around Monday, Oct 24th" (or something like that)
[20:25] <tdonohue> If we get it released / announced earlier..then we are amazing. If it waits to be announced till that Monday or Tues, then no worries :)
[20:25] <bollini> It will be nice to include also a reminder about the re-kickoff of the angular team
[20:25] <mhwood> Sounds good. Got it.
[20:25] <tdonohue> And if we find major last minute issues (hopefully not), we'll take things from there (and keep the community updated)
[20:26] <pbecker> this plans leave 8 days between RC4 and final release. Is that enough?
[20:26] * pbecker wants to see final 6.0 asap.
[20:27] <tdonohue> bollini: I think we should make an announcement on the re-kickoff of Angular2 *after* the initial meeting being organized by Art. I'd like us to discuss in that meeeting how we want to organize development and how to do a larger call to the community.
[20:27] <tdonohue> bollini: so, I think that announcement is separate from anything having to do with 6.0
[20:27] <tdonohue> pbecker: I think the 8 days between RC4 and 6.0 is OK... *provided* that we can get a few folks to do a final test upgrade from 5.x -> 6.0RC4 (Volunteers?)
[20:28] <tdonohue> As far as I've seen, 6.0 seems ready..but we really should doublecheck that upgrade process one last time, since it's such a major upgrade
[20:28] <terry-b> Have upgrade instructions been written yet for 6.0? I have some notes from my upgrade to RC3 and I would be glad to integrate those notes: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/~terrywbrady/Lessons+Learned+During+Upgrade+to+DSpace+6.0RC3
[20:28] <kompewter> [ Log In - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/~terrywbrady/Lessons+Learned+During+Upgrade+to+DSpace+6.0RC3
[20:29] <tdonohue> The 6.x upgrade docs have been written. They are here: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSDOC6x/Upgrading+DSpace
[20:29] <kompewter> [ Upgrading DSpace - DSpace 6.x Documentation - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSDOC6x/Upgrading+DSpace
[20:29] <tdonohue> (If there's any flaws in the docs, we should fix them...but these *should* be correct)
[20:29] <hpottinger> I can test an upgrade, though the instance I'd use is very very new
[20:29] <terry-b> Thanks. I will read an propose changes.
[20:29] <tdonohue> thanks terry-b
[20:30] <tdonohue> thanks hpottinger, that'd be great. Any tests are good, honestly
[20:31] <pbecker> bbl
[20:31] <tdonohue> If anyone has older versions sitting around (e.g. 4.x), that'd also be nice. The biggest migrations though are obviously between 5.x and 6.0, so those are the ones we need to try out one last time
[20:33] <tdonohue> Oh, and we should get demo.dspace.org updated to RC4 once it is out there
[20:33] <tdonohue> mhwood, if you don't end up having time for that, maybe I can shave off an 1/2 hour somewhere here
[20:33] <mhwood> OK, I'll remember that.
[20:34] <tdonohue> Anything else we need to discuss about 6.0?
[20:34] <tdonohue> (in general)
[20:34] <hpottinger> terry-b: do you have any tests you have written to "prove" "everything is fine" after an upgrade?
[20:35] <terry-b> How quickly do we typically do a .1 release after a major release?
[20:35] <terry-b> hpottinger, we have a test plan that we run manually to test our customizations. No automated tests.
[20:36] <tdonohue> x.1 releases come as soon as someone(s) want them (or a major bug is found that we really need to fix). So, it's dependent on who wants to take the lead and what issues we have to fix / fixes already available.
[20:36] <hpottinger> terry-b: can you share your test plan, I might have a volunteer to automate it
[20:36] <tdonohue> In the past, we've sometimes had x.1 releases as fast as "within a month"...other times, it's more like 3-4 months. Just really depends on who needs them & can put effort towards getting them out/organized
[20:37] <terry-b> It is too specific to share. We shared it with DCAT and Bram pulled from it for the XMLUI test plan he published for the testathon. I would start there.
[20:37] <tdonohue> hpottinger: yes, there are DCAT test plans
[20:37] <terry-b> tdonohue, that makes sense. I have a couple PR's that will be great to include but should be fine to wait for 6.1
[20:37] <tdonohue> hpottinger: see the RC3 release announcement...it had links to the DCAT test plans: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/dspace-community/HfterQuVat4/07s5o-waCgAJ
[20:37] <kompewter> [ Google Groups ] - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/dspace-community/HfterQuVat4/07s5o-waCgAJ
[20:38] <bollini> About waiting PR I propose to approve them as soon as possible after the release of the 6.0 final
[20:39] <bollini> often after a release we have PR to wait until a minor is approaching, it will be better to start immediately to merge so to be ready at any time to make a release
[20:39] <terry-b> bollini, that makes sense
[20:39] <mhwood> We'll still want to allow a few weeks for sites to find things we weren't smart enough to break. :-)
[20:40] <tdonohue> It would be good to go through other "low hanging fruit" PRs after 6.0 and start thinking about packaging up an eventual 6.1 release. Sounds good, bollini
[20:40] <tdonohue> mhwood++ (that too)
[20:40] <mhwood> But yes, there's no need to wait to work on PRs.
[20:40] <bollini> the same apply for old release... I'm just looking to https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/pull/1552
[20:40] <kompewter> [ DS-3356 add turnoff authz system by lap82 · Pull Request #1552 · DSpace/DSpace · GitHub ] - https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/pull/1552
[20:41] <pbecker> will we start working on the new UI in master and move on with 6.0 in dspace-6_x branch as with the releases before?
[20:41] <pbecker> Shall I create the branch after releasing 6.0 or is this done automatically by mvn:release plugin?
[20:42] <tdonohue> pbecker: that's a question to be answered yet
[20:43] <tdonohue> You *should* create a dspace-6_x branch though (after 6.0)... we always do that
[20:43] <pbecker> If I don’t hear objections, I’ll create dspace-6_x branch directly after releasing 6.0.
[20:43] <pbecker> I think that is the right way to go independently where we might want to develop the new ui.
[20:43] <tdonohue> The question is whether it'll be initially "easier" to start Angular 2 development on "master"... or if the Angular2 UI starts as a separate GitHub project (since it just needs a REST API), and may be combined in later
[20:44] <tdonohue> yes, I agree... a dspace-6_x branch should be created either way.
[20:44] <bollini> I really prefer to have DSpace 7 on the master. This will make the DSpace 7 roadmap more credible
[20:45] <bollini> we can decide to put the angulajs UI in a dedicated branch but we need to work on the master to rewrite the REST, drop JSPUI&XMLUI
[20:45] <tdonohue> bollini: I agree with that statement. The problematic part is it might take a *while* to get Angular 2 + our Maven build process to "work right".
[20:46] <tdonohue> So, it might be "quicker" to start on Angular2 in a separate project, with the goal of bringing it back into "master"...once "master" can be "cleaned up & ready"
[20:46] <terry-b> Regarding the REST API, has the project decided if we are recreating it off a new framework or extending what we have? Or, is that for the Angular 2 team to advise? bollini, I remember you had some suggestions in the earlier discussions
[20:46] <mhwood> That is: we don't want to have a broken master for weeks (or months).
[20:47] <bollini> terry-b I have proposed to switch to springmvc for the REST part
[20:47] <tdonohue> All of these are good questions. There's been no final decisions on any of this...other than "we are using Angular2". Everything else is still up for discussion, and I think that's where our kickoff discussions should begin (along with determining who is interested in what pieces)
[20:48] <terry-b> Thanks for clarifying.
[20:48] <pbecker> mhwood: what is the problem with a broken master as long as we have working dspace-4_x/dspace-5_x/dspace-6_x branches?
[20:48] <bollini> mhwood this depend on what you mean for broken... show a JSPUI or XMLUI in the master as we have decided to drop both UIs don't add much value
[20:48] <tdonohue> I'd agree it might be easier in the long term to switch to springmvc (or even Spring Boot) for the REST part. But, that would require some initial refactoring, and we'd need to find the resources that want to do that ;)
[20:50] <tdonohue> Regarding master...I do think as we kick off 7.0 work (and Angular2), one of the first steps there should be to *move* XMLUI and JSPUI out into separate GitHub projects...and delete them from "master"
[20:50] <bollini> I can anticipate that we are ready to provide some support for both the angularjs2 stuff than the REST rewrite/extension
[20:50] <bollini> tdonohue +1
[20:51] <tdonohue> But, I'm not yet convinced that we can immediately replace them with the Angular2 subproject...it might take much *more* effort to get Angular2 + Maven build working right
[20:51] <bollini> to give the right message to the community I think that move out xmlui & jspui is enought
[20:53] <tdonohue> And, there's even a question (in my mind at least) as to whether we wish to stick with Maven...or even consider switching over to Gradle (which is more widely used for JS projects like Angular2 & yet still works similarly to Maven)
[20:53] <mhwood> If 'mvn clean install' on DSpace/DSpace/master kicks out "BUILD FAILED" for weeks on end, that is a message we don't want to send.
[20:53] <tdonohue> but, that's a much broader question (not to answer now)
[20:54] <tdonohue> mhwood: we should be able to remove XMLUI & JSPUI in such a way that "mvn clean install" (and Travis CI) *works*...but all it does is build a REST API (and other machine interfaces)
[20:54] <mhwood> Yes, until we start hacking up dspace-rest (and any other projects needing changes for that).
[20:55] <mhwood> And then, do the UIs still work...?
[20:55] <terry-b> Would there be a need to retain the old UI's for content creation/editing until the new UI is ready?
[20:55] <tdonohue> As we hack up "dspace-rest", I think we'll still want to keep "master" working/building....but there may be a time where "master" just builds a REST API. Longer term, we'll have to get Angular2 + REST API into one build process.
[20:56] <tdonohue> terry-b: good point...hmmm
[20:56] <mhwood> Yes. I'm uncertain just how much refactoring will have to happen, and how widely the changes will affect dependent code.
[20:56] <pbecker> I think master is the place were we actual work on. If that work contains removing old deprecated code it happens there.
[20:57] <pbecker> I don’t see why working on the REST API would make anyone of us checking in code that leave master in an unbuildable state.
[20:57] <peterdietz> I've mentioned this elsewhere, but it would be an interesting state, to where DSpace only had a single "interface", which perhaps spoke REST, OAI, and SWORD. Would make our build process look like a standard java framework
[20:57] <hpottinger> We have AIPs and batch ingest and batch metadata loading and a REST-API, and loads of other command line tools
[20:58] <pbecker> peterdietz +1
[20:58] <tdonohue> Generally, I think the goal on "master" remains the same... it is where work on 7.0 begins. It should remain "semi-stable" (i.e. it builds, basically works). It may need some points of larger refactor, but we'll work through them
[20:59] <tdonohue> peterdietz: yes, I had also proposed that (or tried to) at OR16 DevMtg. It might be nice to have DSpace be a Spring Boot webapp (one webapp) that speaks REST, SWORD, etc...and has a prepackaged Angular2 UI
[21:00] <tdonohue> But, that's a pretty large refactor to our codebase...so we'd have to think that through and find volunteers
[21:00] <pbecker> I’m sure we find volunteers to remove JSPUI and/or XMLUI. ;-)
[21:01] <bollini> I want to remove the xmlui :)
[21:01] <pbecker> that’s what I meant.
[21:01] <tdonohue> yes, of course. I mean volunteers to essentially *merge* REST + SWORD + SWORDv2 + OAI into a single webapp. We will remove JSPUI & XMLUI without question
[21:01] <pbecker> There is one change I want to make before anything gets remove. We have code prepared that allows us to remove EPersons even if they were referenced somwhere in DSpace (e.g. as submitter).
[21:02] <pbecker> We need that functionality in Germany (for privacy law reason you must be able to remove accounts)
[21:02] * tdonohue realizes we've jumped off on interesting tangents for some time now. But, it's good discussion ;)
[21:02] <pbecker> And I want the new UI to not expect submitters for every item.
[21:03] <tdonohue> pbecker: makes sense, and I think that'd be a welcome API / REST change
[21:03] <bollini> I need to go... good discussion!
[21:03] <tdonohue> Ok, so we've gone off on some (good) tangents here. We are over our hour time, and I want to respect everyone's need to get back to work
[21:03] <pbecker> It would be much easier to bring this code into DSpace directly before starting the work to remove the UIs.
[21:04] * bollini (5fefe624@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[21:04] <mhwood> Can we at least log the submitter, so we have some idea who posted a bootleg copy of _Avatar IV_ on our repo?
[21:05] <tdonohue> It sounds like we have good plans for 4.7 & 6.0RC4 & 6.0 final.... we also have good questions/discussions to bring up in the upcoming Angular2 kickoff meetings (and I'd encourage you all to attend)
[21:06] <tdonohue> Essentially, I don't think we have anything else to discuss today. Everyone is welcome to continue informal discussion / brainstorms about Angular2 / 7.0 either here or in #dspace
[21:06] <mhwood> I need to leave. Thanks, all!
[21:06] <tdonohue> But, I'm going to close out the "official" meeting. As a reminder, I'm out of the office all of next week (17-21). But, I will be on email if needed
[21:06] * dyelar (~dyelar@ Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
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[21:07] <terry-b> Have a good week
[21:07] * dyelar (~dyelar@ has joined #duraspace
[21:07] <tdonohue> thanks all for the hard work on 6.0, etc.! And I'm glad to hear everyone seemingly so excited/interested in how we'll move towards Angular2 / 7.0 ;)
[21:08] <pbecker> mhwood: that is part of dc.description.provenance.
[21:08] <pbecker> mhwood: those records won’t be touched. But we don’t need the item to be linked to the eperson.
[21:08] <tdonohue> mhwood left already it seems ;)
[21:09] <pbecker> I know, but he may read logs. ;-)
[21:09] <tdonohue> true
[21:10] <pbecker> good bye!
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[21:39] -christel- [Global Notice] Hi all, we will be carrying out some maintenance to a hidden hub at around 10PM UTC (~20 min from now). There will be brief disruption and a loss of services for the duration. You may wish to op yourself in any channels you manage. Apologies for the noise and thank you for your patience.
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[23:26] -tomaw- [Global Notice] Looks like our maintenance window will have to move to a later time/date. We'll let you know more info when it becomes available.
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