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[16:36] <pbecker> hi mhwood, terry-b3, tdonohue, hpottinger.
[16:36] <pbecker> I have a simple XMLUI question, does anyone have a moment?
[16:37] <pbecker> How can I add a static link to mirage’s (1) sidebar?
[16:37] * hpottinger lurks, but hopes to be helpful...
[16:37] <pbecker> The sidebar of mirage changes depending on the part of DSpace someone is viewing.
[16:37] <hpottinger> Oh, that's the fun of XMLUI, you edit an XSLT file
[16:38] <hpottinger> are you using Mirage or Mirage2?
[16:38] <pbecker> so there is a different sidebar for the itemview than for the community home or for the profile.
[16:38] <pbecker> Mirage.
[16:38] <pbecker> I want to add links to help and other information that shall be shown on *all* parts of DSpace.
[16:38] <hpottinger> did you copy the Mirage theme, or are you including the Mirage theme files in your own theme?
[16:39] <pbecker> not sure, I haven’t done this myself and cannot see the code.
[16:39] <hpottinger> and you're sure you want to use the sidebar and not the top navigation?
[16:39] <pbecker> the repository looks like a default mirage theme with changed colors and images.
[16:40] <pbecker> http://voado.uni-vechta.de
[16:40] <kompewter> [ VOADo Startseite ] - http://voado.uni-vechta.de
[16:40] <pbecker> what is the top of navigation?
[16:40] <hpottinger> "cannot see the code" = o.O
[16:40] <pbecker> someone asked for help.
[16:40] <hpottinger> an example: https://mospace.umsystem.edu/xmlui/
[16:40] <kompewter> [ MOspace Home ] - https://mospace.umsystem.edu/xmlui/
[16:40] <hpottinger> we put static links up top
[16:40] <hpottinger> was super easy
[16:40] <pbecker> I see.
[16:41] <pbecker> they want to add it to the sidebar.
[16:41] <hpottinger> is this a dspace-tech question?
[16:41] <pbecker> it came privately, but I could send them to dspace-tech.
[16:41] <pbecker> I thought this should be super easy.
[16:41] <hpottinger> that's the best place, I bet helix84 would help them within an hour
[16:42] <hpottinger> (see what I did there?)
[16:42] <pbecker> yes, looks nice!
[16:42] <hpottinger> heh, nah, see, I pinged helix84, "hedging my bet"
[16:43] <pbecker> wow, we are in #duraspace…
[16:43] <pbecker> lets move to #dspace.
[16:43] <hpottinger> oops :-)
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