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[20:15] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> DS-3596
[20:19] * dyelar (~dyelar@biolinux.mrb.ku.edu) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[20:33] <hpottinger> Hi, this is a tiny group, and we're late starting, but here's the agenda for today: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2017-05-24
[20:36] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> shall we start with some high priority tickets?
[20:37] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-3551?jql=filter%20%3D%2013904%20ORDER%20BY%20fixVersion%20DESC%2C%20priority%20DESC%20%20%20
[20:37] <hpottinger> good idea, sorry, getting hailed on another frequency
[20:38] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> DS-3551 seems very very important! i'm happy to volunteer for testing on that.
[20:38] <mhwood> Thank you.
[20:39] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> as does the next in the list, https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-3563
[20:39] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> perhaps i can be a DB / postgres tester over next few days
[20:40] <mhwood> I agree.
[20:40] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> cool, well i'll consider myself volunteer for those then ;)
[20:41] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> next is https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-3604 and it's a blocker for 6.1
[20:43] <mhwood> Needs Volunteer.
[20:44] <hpottinger> well good grief
[20:44] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> yep. pascal and claudia have some useful notes in the comments which will help a volunteer in writing the fix
[20:44] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> pretty awful bug!
[20:44] <DSpaceSlackBot> <terrywbrady> We need to pause and reflect on our release testing process for 6x.
[20:45] <DSpaceSlackBot> <terrywbrady> Not now. Just in general.
[20:45] <hpottinger> 6x was the "best-tested" release in a long time, and we have all the docs to back that up
[20:45] <mhwood> +1 It would help to try, whenever possible, to add auto-tests for things we fix. That also helps when working on the fix.
[20:45] <hpottinger> clearly sorting bitstreams wasn't on the list, though
[20:46] <hpottinger> we don't have any integration testing
[20:46] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> yeh
[20:46] <mhwood> Not so: we have three, and two more on the way. :-/
[20:46] <hpottinger> sorry, acceptance testing
[20:47] <mhwood> What we have zero of is tests that drive the UI as a human would.
[20:47] <hpottinger> yes, that
[20:47] <hpottinger> it'll change when we get the AngularUI going
[20:47] <mhwood> Anyway, this is a real bug and needs someone to work on it.
[20:47] <DSpaceSlackBot> <terrywbrady> And that is hard to do... For our customizations, we just have a tedious script to follow
[20:49] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> hm, i think i hear chirping crickets volunteering to fix this bug
[20:51] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> are we moving on? there are 4 more critical JIRA issues in the list if we have time, but if we're late and people want to chat about other agenda things, then don't let me stop you!
[20:52] <DSpaceSlackBot> <terrywbrady> No preference here
[20:52] <mhwood> Actually I want to give a boost to one of them: DS-3572. There's discussion of whether we need to fix it or not.
[20:53] <hpottinger> OK, so... I know this doesn't help much, but I'm supposed to have a single project focus right now, and that single project is an XMLUI-based repository
[20:54] <hpottinger> DS-3604 is bad, but it doesn't fit that description ^^^
[20:56] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> @mwood what's your take on DS-3572?
[20:56] <DSpaceSlackBot> <terrywbrady> Reading DS-3572, I would be in support of deleting the method.
[20:57] <DSpaceSlackBot> <terrywbrady> It seems to have raised enough confusion to justify eliminating it. If it really breaks something, we can add it back.
[20:57] <mhwood> We have a new test in DS-3431 that uses this path. I'd like to see it fixed. The code is obviously wrong.
[20:57] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> i'm pretty sure i've used non-current eperson params for that method in the past when testing authorizations to integrated stuff like my video streaming server, but there are probably better ways
[20:59] <DSpaceSlackBot> <terrywbrady> mhwood, it sounds like you have thought more about this. I support your idea
[21:00] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> +1
[21:01] <mhwood> Unfortunately it's conflicted, so we can't just pull it.
[21:02] <mhwood> I noted that on the PR, which should ping interested parties.
[21:02] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> yeh the PR needs a bit of updating by the looks
[21:02] <DSpaceSlackBot> <kshepherd> i have to run now, more meetings approach! cheers all
[21:03] <DSpaceSlackBot> <terrywbrady> Thanks for keeping us moving today!
[21:03] <mhwood> Thanks, 'bye.
[21:03] <mhwood> I, also, need to go.
[21:03] <DSpaceSlackBot> <terrywbrady> Have a good evening!
[21:04] * mhwood (~mhwood@mhw.ulib.iupui.edu) has left #duraspace
[21:04] <hpottinger> OK, thanks to everyone who showed up, I think we should probably wrap up today's meeting
[21:17] <hpottinger> hey, anyone still around? DS-3602 looks like a big deal
[21:17] <hpottinger> https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-3602
[21:20] <hpottinger> I've moved it to needs volunteer, fix version 6.1 and made it a blocker
[21:21] <DSpaceSlackBot> <terrywbrady> I will assign it to myself
[21:22] <hpottinger> thanks, @terrywbrady
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