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[19:50] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> <here>: Reminder that at the top of the hour (~10 mins), we'll have our weekly DSpace DevMtg. As I realize it's just before the USA Thanksgiving holiday, it may be an abbreviated meeting (based on others schedules). The rough agenda is at https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2017-11-22
[19:50] <kompewter> [ DevMtg 2017-11-22 - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2017-11-22
[20:01] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> <here>: welcome all, to our weekly DSpace DevMtg. As noted above, I know today's meeting is just before Thanksgiving break for those in the USA (and Happy Thanksgiving all). So, we'll try to keep things brief in case folks wish to leave early
[20:01] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> Let's do a quick rollcall to get started. Who is joining us today?
[20:02] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> Meee!
[20:02] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> I see a few others <here> ;) Is everyone else otherwise occupied?
[20:04] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> At the very least...I wanted to give some general updates today...and thank those of you who've started looking towards a 6.3 bug fix release
[20:05] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> A few reminders on upcoming discussions. DSpace 7 team will next meet on Thurs, Nov 30 at 15UTC (i.e. next week). The DSpace Entities WG will next meet on Tues, Dec 5 at 15UTC (in a few weeks). Both are on the public calendar, and in the agenda above
[20:07] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> I don't have an specific updates to bring today from the DSpace 7 team. Just that work is progressing, but we are still resource strapped. In the coming months however, I do plan to try and spend more time on DSpace 7 efforts (and likely therefore less on DSpace 6) to try to minimally help speed up our DSpace 7code reviews, etc.
[20:08] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> That does imply/mean that I'd appreciate others helping to move forward the DSpace 6.x maintenance efforts. I'm glad to see @mwood, @tom_desair and @hpottinger (among others) already chipping in on planning around the an upcoming DSpace 6.3 release : https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DSpace+Release+6.3+Status
[20:08] <kompewter> [ DSpace Release 6.3 Status - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DSpace+Release+6.3+Status
[20:08] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> So, thanks to all of you! Glad to see this effort progressing
[20:09] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> Anyone who has some available cycles is invited to join in, on getting 6.3 assembled and released.
[20:09] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> :+1:
[20:10] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> There's plenty of opportunities to contribute these days...whether it be in 6.x maintenance / bug fix work , or new development in 7.x.
[20:11] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> (answer to your question from a while ago: otherwise occupied, but checking in here from time to time)
[20:11] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> So, I was hoping to see others pipe in here / show up. I'm guessing everyone is either busy or departing early for the holiday ;) (Oh, and hi @hpottinger)
[20:14] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> Since we are tiny today, I wonder if I could ask a very open ended question (not necessary to answer now). I'm looking for ways to ensure these meetings are "worthwhile" to everyone. If anyone has feedback (good or bad) on these weekly meetings (day/time/agenda/type of mtg, whatever), I'd appreciate thoughts on how to improve/streamline the structure of these DevMtgs
[20:15] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> It's something that need not be answered *today*. But, just something to think about in the coming days/weeks. Feel free to send me an email and/or Slack chat msg if you have feedback to share.
[20:15] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> I wonder if there is a perception that "7.0 is getting all the attention; if I'm not involved in 7 then there won't be anything for me to do."
[20:16] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> I think they have value, but I also think we're all stretched pretty thinly
[20:17] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> @mwood: could be correct. I've actually been wondering myself if we should establish a parallel "DSpace 6 Maintenance Team" (parallel to the DSpace 7 Team), and whether that'd garner any interest among folks possibly more interested in improving / bug fixing DSpace 6, etc.
[20:18] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> Honestly, 6.x is going to be a very long-lived release, any work that goes into it will last a long time
[20:18] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> But, it's honestly a half-baked idea. I'm not sure that team would be of interest
[20:19] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> My first thought was: would that tend to split the community in a bad way? I.e. more permanently than we'd like?
[20:20] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> perhaps. It's definitely worth considering as a risk. I was more thinking of it as a way to "promote" folks into a role that gives them recognition (not sure if that's the best way though, TBH)
[20:21] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> I guess I'm just searching for a way to provide recognition to new contributors and/or "open up" opportunities for contributors (new or old) to take a larger role, if they are interested. That said, maybe that half-baked idea isn't the best way to do it ;)
[20:22] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> In any case, I'm open to feedback / suggestions here. Just searching for ways to engage more folks in parallel efforts of DSpace 6 and DSpace 7.
[20:22] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> can we maybe accept a committer or two?
[20:22] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> The best change that could happen to this meeting is more participation, but then how? Any idea is better than none.
[20:23] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> We always can accept a committer or two, @hpottinger. Get your nominations in (I admit I've been lacking on nominating folks recently myself, but need to do so after the holiday)
[20:23] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> I thought we had a "soft ban" on nominations?
[20:24] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> :+1: to more participation. I have noticed this "late" meeting (20UTC) has had even less participation recently...with the 15UTC sometimes having a few more Europeans hanging around
[20:24] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> @hpottinger: no, no "soft ban" exists
[20:24] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> Brainstorming: maybe, in addition to the weekly "what's happening in DSpace 7" agenda item, a "what's happening in DSpace 5/6" item.
[20:25] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> @mhw
[20:25] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> well then, I will certain nominate @tom_desair as he's been doing a *ton* of work for us
[20:25] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> Seconded.
[20:26] <DSpaceSlackBot> Action: hpottinger tries to remember *how* ro nominate someone....
[20:26] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> Regarding agenda items to this meeting, yes, I think the agenda could use work (and frankly help from others). Perhaps I should start doing a call for agenda items a few days beforehand...as I find the agenda mostly ends up being "what is Tim aware of right now?" (and that's sometimes not the most useful *thing* to talk about)
[20:27] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> @hpottinger: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/Committer+Nominations
[20:27] <kompewter> [ Committer Nominations - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/Committer+Nominations
[20:27] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> And https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/NewCommitter
[20:27] <kompewter> [ NewCommitter - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/NewCommitter
[20:30] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> In any case, ideas for tweaking the agenda are welcome. I suspect it could use more streamlining (and I'll have to look closer at my "template" to perhaps streamline it better)
[20:31] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> If I come up with anything, I won't hold back.
[20:31] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> Thanks. One thing I may do is try and push the Ticket queries (JIRA searches) to the bottom (i.e. take them off the official agenda)
[20:32] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> And maybe make more room for "add your own topics"
[20:32] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> I have a note here to mention 5_x. I think there was a question last week: how hard to press toward another 5_x release absent *urgent* fixes.
[20:33] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> My personal feeling has been...if someone really wants another 5.x, I'm OK with it. But, I'm not gonna push hard (or really, at all) myself. My effort is entirely on 7 and 6.
[20:34] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> So, I purposefully haven't mentioned 5.x of late...as I don't have a strong need to see another 5.x release myself. I see it as "good enough" myself.
[20:35] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> (But all that said, DSpace is a *community* product. It's not my product. If a subset of the community wants another 5.x, then by all means, let's do it. But, I'd need someone to step forward and lead it)
[20:37] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> I have another note to start a list of pending 5_x PRs on the wiki, but I think most folk see 5_x the way you do: good enough unless we discover something badly broken.
[20:37] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> I suppose "badly broken" needs defining :slightly_smiling_face:
[20:37] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> Security bug or data corruption/loss, would be my definition.
[20:37] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> BTW, I've made the nomination for Tom, check your mail.
[20:39] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> As a reminder, we only promise bug fixes fixes in general for the latest release (6.x). Bug backports to prior releases are only promised for security issues https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DSpace+Software+Support+Policy
[20:39] <kompewter> [ DSpace Software Support Policy - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DSpace+Software+Support+Policy
[20:39] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> Good enough. Thanks.
[20:40] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> That "promise" has a lot of mention though of "case by case" basis determination though, so there's freedom to do *more* backports/releases if we want to. But, we need someone who *wants* to ;)
[20:41] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> right, it's always a surprise when someone decides to backport a lot of fixes to an older release
[20:41] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> I ought to confess: we don't have any 6_x instances in production yet. A 5.6 that would cost money to upgrade due to an add-on; a 5.2 that should be upgraded when we have time; a 1.8 and a (gulp!) 1.7 that I need to buckle down and do.
[20:42] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> for the spectators: upgrades to 5 and 6 are easy, honest
[20:42] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> I remember: a lot of work went into smoother upgrades.
[20:43] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> It's the themes that are the mischief.
[20:43] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> upgrades to 6 are mostly easy...it forces you though to tweak your configs ;) But, the new "local.cfg" makes it all worth it (as your configs are now all in one place)
[20:43] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> there is lots to like in 6
[20:44] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> I'm not resisting, just swamped.
[20:44] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> So, any other topics/ideas/feedback anyone here would like to bring up?
[20:45] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> Another weird feature proposal: here our data repository wants to send Request Copy emails to multiple recipients. Interesting?
[20:45] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> interesting developments on https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-2537
[20:45] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-2537 ] - [DS-2537] ORCID display in XMLUI should not rely solely on the Authority confidence icon - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:45] <kompewter> [ [DS-2537] ORCID display in XMLUI should not rely solely on the Authority confidence icon - DuraSpace JIRA ] - https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-2537
[20:46] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> @mwood what do you mean by "multiple recipients?"
[20:46] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> "Everyone in the collection administrators group, *plus* someone designated by item metadata."
[20:49] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> I think it's worth considering. Not sure I fully understand the use case, but others might like it too
[20:50] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> I will create a ticket, then.
[20:50] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> That ORCID green thumb has always looked odd to me too, @hpottinger;) So, glad to see efforts here. Any changes to UI could also be considered for 7 perhpas
[20:53] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> I'm not familiar with the authority/confidence stuff, but making the source of confidence clear sounds like the Right Thing.
[20:53] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> :slightly_smiling_face: the green thumb isn't for ORCID, it's the DSpace authority system's way of indicating confidence in the value
[20:54] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> So, it looks like things are wrapping up here (and we are nearing the top of the hour). Behind the scenes, I've just created next week's agenda (a bit streamlined / reorganized). https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2017-11-29
[20:54] <kompewter> [ DevMtg 2017-11-29 - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] - https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/DevMtg+2017-11-29
[20:54] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> If there's more you'd like to discuss next week, please add it. Also welcoming feedback on organizing the agenda in general
[20:54] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> That looks well.
[20:55] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> so... if a PR for DS-2537 lands soon-ish, I'm going to do what it takes to test it and hopefully sneak it into 6.3
[20:55] <kompewter> [ https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-2537 ] - [DS-2537] ORCID display in XMLUI should not rely solely on the Authority confidence icon - DuraSpace JIRA
[20:55] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> :+1:
[20:56] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> to all future bug fixers, if you fix a bug I reported, ping me? I'll help get it through the system
[20:56] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> Sounds like we should go ahead and wrap things up for today. As we are only USA-folks here, I'll say happy Thanksgiving to both of you! Enjoy the time off!
[20:56] <DSpaceSlackBot> <hpottinger> back at ya
[20:56] <DSpaceSlackBot> <mwood> Same here.
[20:57] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> And, I definitely am serious about welcoming feedback (from anyone listening in, reading now or later). If you have an idea that'd make these meetings "better", please do speak up. I'm interested.
[20:58] <DSpaceSlackBot> <tdonohue> Thanks all! Have a great holiday break, and talk to you all next week!
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